Commit 33347533 authored by Tim Janik's avatar Tim Janik

GTK_BASIC and freeze/thaw explanaition

parent 58af2b56
......@@ -84,4 +84,19 @@ Incompatible Changes from GTK+-1.0 to GTK+-1.2:
Window. The scrollbar policy is set on the scrolled window with
gtk_scrolled_window_set_policy() and not on the child widgets
(e.g. GtkCList's gtk_clist_set_policy() was removed).
* the GTK_BASIC flag got removed, and with it the corresponding
macro and function GTK_WIDGET_BASIC() and gtk_widget_basic().
* all freeze/thaw methods in gtk work in an incremental way now.
code portions like:
gboolean frozen;
frozen = GTK_CLIST_FROZEN (clist);
gtk_clist_freeze (clist);
if (!frozen)
gtk_clist_thaw (clist);
will not work anymore, they have to be modified to simply:
gtk_clist_freeze (clist);
gtk_clist_thaw (clist);
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