Commit 125c9f20 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

list box: Avoid excessive signals

We were emitting the a11y ::selection-changed signal much more
often than ::selected-rows-changed. Thats not necessary.
parent ccc4fb85
......@@ -1323,14 +1323,9 @@ static gboolean
gtk_list_box_row_set_selected (GtkListBoxRow *row,
gboolean selected)
GtkListBox *box;
GtkListBoxRowPrivate *priv;
priv = gtk_list_box_row_get_instance_private (row);
if (priv->selected != selected)
if (ROW_PRIV (row)->selected != selected)
priv->selected = selected;
ROW_PRIV (row)->selected = selected;
if (selected)
gtk_widget_set_state_flags (GTK_WIDGET (row),
......@@ -1338,9 +1333,6 @@ gtk_list_box_row_set_selected (GtkListBoxRow *row,
gtk_widget_unset_state_flags (GTK_WIDGET (row),
box = gtk_list_box_row_get_box (row);
_gtk_list_box_accessible_selection_changed (box);
gtk_widget_queue_draw (GTK_WIDGET (row));
return TRUE;
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