Commit 0fef59b4 authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

stylecontext: Be more graceful when save() isn't matched with restore()

Instead of asserting, just print a g_warning() and try to work around
the problem.
I hope that g_warning() isn't too spammy for people that are hit with

Also clarify the docs that not restore()ing after a save() is a bad
parent e649c877
......@@ -1593,11 +1593,13 @@ gtk_style_context_get_parent (GtkStyleContext *context)
* gtk_style_context_save:
* @context: a #GtkStyleContext
* Saves the @context state, so all modifications done through
* Saves the @context state, so temporary modifications done through
* gtk_style_context_add_class(), gtk_style_context_remove_class(),
* gtk_style_context_add_region(), gtk_style_context_remove_region()
* or gtk_style_context_set_junction_sides() can be reverted in one
* go through gtk_style_context_restore().
* gtk_style_context_set_state(), etc. can quickly be reverted
* in one go through gtk_style_context_restore().
* The matching call to gtk_style_context_restore() must be done
* before GTK returns to the main loop.
* Since: 3.0
......@@ -2926,12 +2928,19 @@ _gtk_style_context_validate (GtkStyleContext *context,
if (!priv->invalid && change == 0 && _gtk_bitmask_is_empty (parent_changes))
g_assert (!gtk_style_context_is_saved (context));
if (G_UNLIKELY (gtk_style_context_is_saved (context)))
g_warning ("unmatched gtk_style_context_save/restore() detected while validating context for %s %p",
priv->widget ? gtk_widget_get_name (priv->widget) : "widget path",
priv->widget ? (gpointer) priv->widget : (gpointer) priv->widget_path);
cssnode = gtk_style_context_get_root (context);
cssnode = priv->cssnode;
priv->pending_changes = 0;
gtk_style_context_set_invalid (context, FALSE);
cssnode = priv->cssnode;
current = g_object_ref (cssnode->values);
/* Try to avoid invalidating if we can */
......@@ -2946,13 +2955,13 @@ _gtk_style_context_validate (GtkStyleContext *context,
gtk_style_context_should_create_transitions (context, current) ? current : NULL);
gtk_style_context_clear_cache (context);
gtk_css_node_set_values (cssnode, style);
g_object_unref (static_style);
g_object_unref (style);
gtk_style_context_clear_cache (context);
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