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    css: Huge refactoring to avoid computing wrong values · 1454ba15
    Benjamin Otte authored
    Here's the shortest description of the bug I can come up with:
    When computing values, we have 3 kinds of dependencies:
    (1) other properties ("currentColor" or em values)
    (2) inherited properties ("inherit")
    (3) generic things from the theme (@keyframes or @define-color)
    Previously, we passed the GtkStyleContext as an argument, because it
    provided these 3 things using:
    (1) _gtk_style_context_peek_property()
    (2) _gtk_style_context_peek_property(gtk_style_context_get_parent())
    (3) context->priv->cascade
    However, this makes it impossible to lookup values other than the ones
    accessible via _gtk_style_context_peek_property(). And this is exactly
    what we are doing in gtk_style_context_update_cache(). So when the cache
    updates encountered case (1), they were looking up the values from the
    wrong style data.
    So this large patch essentially does nothing but replace the
    context argument in all compute functions with new arguments for the 3
    cases above:
    (1) values
    (2) parent_values
    (3) provider
    We apparently have a lot of computing code.
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