Commit ff1a7878 authored by William Hua's avatar William Hua

mir: always emit a resize when creating windows

parent 6adc00ef
......@@ -580,6 +580,25 @@ generate_configure_event (GdkWindow *window,
send_event (window, get_pointer (window), event);
static void
synthesize_resize (GdkWindow *window)
GdkMirWindowImpl *impl = GDK_MIR_WINDOW_IMPL (window->impl);
MirWindowParameters params;
if (!impl->mir_window)
mir_window_get_parameters (impl->mir_window, &params);
window->width = params.width;
window->height = params.height;
_gdk_window_update_size (window);
generate_configure_event (window, window->width, window->height);
static void
maybe_synthesize_resize (GdkWindow *window)
......@@ -635,7 +654,7 @@ ensure_mir_window_full (GdkWindow *window,
impl->pending_spec_update = FALSE;
impl->buffer_stream = mir_window_get_buffer_stream (impl->mir_window);
maybe_synthesize_resize (window);
synthesize_resize (window);
/* FIXME: Ignore some events until shown */
mir_window_set_event_handler (impl->mir_window, event_cb, window_ref);
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