Commit fb6a7ccb authored by Ben Gertzfield's avatar Ben Gertzfield

Argh. Missed one dumb space in rules file. Fixed.

parent 9c3e01cf
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ libgtk-cvs-1.1: build
dh_installdeb -plibgtk-cvs-1.1
dh_shlibdeps -plibgtk-cvs-1.1
dh_gencontrol -plibgtk-cvs-1.1
dh_makeshlibs -plibgtk-cvs-1.1 -V'libgtk-cvs-1.1 (='`cat debian/version`')'
dh_makeshlibs -plibgtk-cvs-1.1 -V 'libgtk-cvs-1.1 (='`cat debian/version`')'
dh_md5sums -plibgtk-cvs-1.1
dh_builddeb -plibgtk-cvs-1.1
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