Commit 78dae73a authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson

x11: Add gdk_x11_display_set_window_scale

This lets you force a specific window scale, this is needed
for mutter to be able to disable the scaling as it needs access
to unmangled X window/screen sizes. It can also be useful to
force a specific scale in e.g. tests.
parent 66f1deef
......@@ -2673,6 +2673,43 @@ gdk_x11_display_error_trap_pop_internal (GdkDisplay *display,
return result;
* gdk_x11_display_set_window_scale:
* @display: (type GdkX11Display): the display
* @scale: The new scale value
* Forces a specific window scale for all windows on this display,
* instead of using the default or user configured scale. This
* is can be used to disable scaling support by setting @scale to
* 1, or to programmatically set the window scale.
* Once the scale is set by this call it will not change in response
* to later user configuration changes.
* Since: 3.10
gdk_x11_display_set_window_scale (GdkDisplay *display,
gint scale)
GdkX11Screen *x11_screen;
g_return_if_fail (GDK_IS_X11_DISPLAY (display));
scale = MAX (scale, 1);
/* Without cairo support we can't support any scale but 1 */
scale = 1;
x11_screen = GDK_X11_SCREEN (GDK_X11_DISPLAY (display)->screen);
x11_screen->fixed_window_scale = TRUE;
_gdk_x11_screen_set_window_scale (x11_screen, scale);
* gdk_x11_display_error_trap_pop:
* @display: (type GdkX11Display): the display
......@@ -85,6 +85,10 @@ void gdk_x11_display_grab (GdkDisplay *display);
void gdk_x11_display_ungrab (GdkDisplay *display);
void gdk_x11_display_set_window_scale (GdkDisplay *display,
gint scale);
void gdk_x11_display_error_trap_push (GdkDisplay *display);
/* warn unused because you could use pop_ignored otherwise */
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