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css-overview: Elaborate how color expressions work

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......@@ -582,9 +582,14 @@ background-color: @bg_color;
GTK+ also allows to form color expressions, which can be nested and
provide a rich language to define colors which are derived from a
set of base colors.
GTK+ also supports color expressions, which allow colors to be transformed
to new ones and can be nested, providing a rich language to define colors.
Color expressions resemble functions, taking 1 or more colors and in some
cases a number as their arguments. The number is floating-point, clamped
between 0 and 1, and specifies the degree to which the expression will
transform the given color(s) in the manner that is indicated by its name.
<literallayout><code>〈color expression〉 = lighter(〈color〉) | darker(〈color〉) | shade(〈color〉,〈number〉) | alpha(〈color〉,〈number〉) | mix(〈color〉,〈color〉,〈number〉)</code>
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