Commit 4c323f57 authored by Tim Janik's avatar Tim Janik

seal public struct members.

* gtk/gtkcalendar.h: seal public struct members.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=20502
parent fa1e2eb0
......@@ -106,32 +106,32 @@ struct _GtkCalendar
GtkWidget widget;
GtkStyle *header_style;
GtkStyle *label_style;
GtkStyle *GSEAL (header_style);
GtkStyle *GSEAL (label_style);
gint month;
gint year;
gint selected_day;
gint GSEAL (month);
gint GSEAL (year);
gint GSEAL (selected_day);
gint day_month[6][7];
gint day[6][7];
gint GSEAL (day_month[6][7]);
gint GSEAL (day[6][7]);
gint num_marked_dates;
gint marked_date[31];
GtkCalendarDisplayOptions display_flags;
GdkColor marked_date_color[31];
gint GSEAL (num_marked_dates);
gint GSEAL (marked_date[31]);
GtkCalendarDisplayOptions GSEAL (display_flags);
GdkColor GSEAL (marked_date_color[31]);
GdkGC *gc; /* unused */
GdkGC *xor_gc; /* unused */
GdkGC *GSEAL (gc); /* unused */
GdkGC *GSEAL (xor_gc); /* unused */
gint focus_row;
gint focus_col;
gint GSEAL (focus_row);
gint GSEAL (focus_col);
gint highlight_row;
gint highlight_col;
gint GSEAL (highlight_row);
gint GSEAL (highlight_col);
GtkCalendarPrivate *priv;
gchar grow_space [32];
GtkCalendarPrivate *GSEAL (priv);
gchar GSEAL (grow_space [32]);
/* Padding for future expansion */
void (*_gtk_reserved1) (void);
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