Commit 18702794 authored by Paolo Borelli's avatar Paolo Borelli

gdk: remove _gdk_event_queue_prepend

It is never used
parent e0caafbc
......@@ -118,25 +118,6 @@ _gdk_event_queue_find_first (GdkDisplay *display)
return NULL;
* _gdk_event_queue_prepend:
* @display: a #GdkDisplay
* @event: Event to prepend.
* Prepends an event before the head of the event queue.
* Returns: the newly prepended list node.
_gdk_event_queue_prepend (GdkDisplay *display,
GdkEvent *event)
display->queued_events = g_list_prepend (display->queued_events, event);
if (!display->queued_tail)
display->queued_tail = display->queued_events;
return display->queued_events;
* _gdk_event_queue_append:
* @display: a #GdkDisplay
......@@ -398,8 +398,6 @@ void _gdk_event_emit (GdkEvent *event);
GList* _gdk_event_queue_find_first (GdkDisplay *display);
void _gdk_event_queue_remove_link (GdkDisplay *display,
GList *node);
GList* _gdk_event_queue_prepend (GdkDisplay *display,
GdkEvent *event);
GList* _gdk_event_queue_append (GdkDisplay *display,
GdkEvent *event);
GList* _gdk_event_queue_insert_after (GdkDisplay *display,
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