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    Add Composite Child machinery and APIs to GtkWidget · 3b7fc8cd
    Tristan Van Berkom authored
    This commit implements the needed machinery for GtkWidget
    to build it's composite content from GtkBuilder XML and
    adds the following API:
      o gtk_widget_init_template()
        An api to be called in instance initializers of any
        GtkWidget subclass that uses template XML to build it's components.
      o gtk_widget_class_set_template()
        API to associate GtkBuilder XML to a given GtkWidget subclass
      o gtk_widget_class_automate_child()
        API to declare an object built by GtkBuilder to be associated
        with an instance structure offset and automatically set.
     o gtk_widget_get_automated_child()
       API for bindings to fetch a child declared to be automated by
       gtk_widget_class_automate_child(), for the case where bindings
       do not generate GObjects under the hood and cannot use structure
       offsets to resolve composite object pointers.
     o gtk_widget_class_declare_callback[s]()
       Declare static functions to be used in signal callbacks from
       a given class's template XML
     o gtk_widget_class_set_connect_func()
       API for bindings to override the signal connection machinery
       for a given GtkWidget derived class.
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