Commit 323bf78f authored by Christopher Davis's avatar Christopher Davis 🌱
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Make "Clocks" in about dialog translatable again

As pointed out by @piotrdrag on
GNOME/gnome-clocks!16 (comment 393751),
the app name was made untranslatable by my changes. This change puts it
how the tutorial for flatpak dual install shows: translating the app
name, then adding the prefix.
parent 7783ff6b
......@@ -260,9 +260,9 @@ public class Window : Gtk.ApplicationWindow {
var program_name = Config.NAME_PREFIX + "Clocks";
var program_name = Config.NAME_PREFIX + _("Clocks");
Gtk.show_about_dialog (this,
"program-name", _(program_name),
"program-name", program_name,
"logo-icon-name", Config.APP_ID,
"version", Config.VERSION,
"comments", _("Utilities to help you with the time."),
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