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    • Thibault Saunier's avatar
      proxy: Use raw audio instead of opus as audio format · df1d83b4
      Thibault Saunier authored
      Opus might lead to some clipping on the raw samples and will lower
      the audio Quality, the asset size is not considered to be an issue
      and keeping the exact audio format is nicer in general.
      Moreover the stream duration differences can lead to ugly bugs and
      this makes that issue much less probable (and something would be
      really wrong if it still happens with raw audio).
      Closes #2248
      (it doesn't really fixes the issue for the files that are broken,
      those need manual fixing sadly)
  17. 25 Jan, 2019 6 commits
    • Alexandru Băluț's avatar
    • Alexandru Băluț's avatar
      viewer: Cache the trim preview pipelines · ec9ca33b
      Alexandru Băluț authored
      Setting a trim preview pipeline to PAUSED can take some time.
      The trim preview apears faster when the cache is hit.
    • Alexandru Băluț's avatar
      pipeline: Simplify AssetPipeline constructor · 0f7fee52
      Alexandru Băluț authored
      It does not handle clips anymore, because it's easy enough to pass
      `clip.props.uri` instead.
    • Alexandru Băluț's avatar
      viewer: Fix preview flicker when trimming clip · 6d49ee54
      Alexandru Băluț authored
      When we show the video widget of the asset backing the trimmed clip,
      the first frame of the asset is shown for a brief moment until the
      initial seek is performed and the desired frame is shown. This causes an
      unwanted flicker.
      We have to prepare the trim preview video widget and switch the project
      video widget with it only when it's ready.
    • Alexandru Băluț's avatar
      viewer: Avoid messing with the project pipeline when previewing trims · 03e15b44
      Alexandru Băluț authored
      Once the viewer container is connected to a project, it does not even
      have to keep a reference to the project pipeline, now that it keeps a
      separate reference to the temporary AssetPipeline used when trimming.
      Gets rid of a few fields, and avoids setting the project pipeline to
      state NULL, thus avoiding a flicker when switching state from NULL to
    • Alexandru Băluț's avatar
      viewer: Improve trim preview precision and latency · 42a7dc01
      Alexandru Băluț authored
      The `clipTrimPreview` method is called whenever the clip trim updates,
      and until now it was ignoring updates if the last performed seek was too
      recent. This means the trim preview was up to 200ms old when the mouse
      stopped moving.
      If we want to not seek more often than 200ms, we'd have to add a timeout
      in case an unwanted seek is desired, and at the end of the timeout
      perform the latest wanted seek. This would be more accurate, since the
      preview would be less than 200ms behind, but it would still be laggy.
      To remove the lag, we shall simply seek. The `SimplePipeline.simple_seek`
      method is async and already knows to skip seeks not yet performed in
      case a new one is wanted.