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<p>See the <link xref="layers">Understanding layers</link> and <link xref="movearoundtimeline">Moving around the timeline</link> pages for more information on how to work with the timeline.</p>
<title>Timeline toolbar</title>
<p>The timeline toolbar is located at the right edge of the timeline. It contains basic actions for editing in timeline:</p>
<item><p>Split clip at playhead position</p></item>
<item><p>Delete selected</p></item>
<item><p>Group clips</p></item>
<item><p>Ungroup clips</p></item>
<item><p>Align clips based on their soundtracks</p></item>
<item><p>Toggle gapless mode</p></item>
<p>Note that most of the actions become available only once a clip is selected. When there is no subject for the action to be performed on, it remains shaded (indicating its unavailability).</p>
<title>Playback toolbar</title>
<p>This toolbar, located below the previewer, contains buttons controlling the playback of the timeline. Options provided by the toolbar are the following:</p>
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