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Releasing Pitivi 0.94 "Tricks or Tracebacks?"

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2014 November 2nd - Pitivi 0.94
Second beta and 4th release of the new version of Pitivi based on GES.
All the improvements from 0.91, 0.92 and 0.93, plus:
* The main toolbar and menubar have been replaced by a headerbar and menubutton, saving a significant amount of precious vertical space and using the horizontal space better.
* The viewer has been ported to use a GStreamer GL video output sink instead of the Clutter sink. This solves crashes when running Pitivi outside of GNOME Shell and is expected to be a more future-proof solution.
* We dropped our use of CoGL APIs, namely path_round_rectangle which caused crashes on various Linux distributions shipping a broken version of CoGL
* Pitivi has been ported to Python 3
* Text wrapping in the rendering progress dialog and title editor has been fixed
* Effects can now be reordered within a clip's properties
* The default positioning of UI components (when starting from a fresh install) has been improved to be balanced properly
* Undocked window components do not shift position on startup anymore
* Docked window components do not shift position on startup anymore, when the window is not maximized.
* The title editor's UI has been simplified, and now supports decimal font sizes
* Educational infobars throughout the UI have been tweaked to make their colors less intrusive
* The user manual is now up to date with the state of the new Pitivi series
* Port deprecated GTK+ widgets to new ones
* Timeline UI animations have been tweaked
* Code refactoring and cleanup all over the place
* Various build and packaging fixes
* Various fixes to the test suite
* Various other bugs have been corrected
2014 March 20th - Pitivi 0.93
First beta and 3rd release of the new version of Pitivi based on GES.
0.93 Release "Ra is a happy"
This is the third release for the new version of Pitivi based on GES,
0.94 Release "Tricks or Tracebacks?"
This is the fourth release for the new version of Pitivi based on GES,
the GStreamer Editing Services library. This is a incremental bugfixing release.
Detailed release notes for 0.93 are on
Detailed release notes for 0.94 are on
This is now considered a beta release. As per the feedback we've received since
0.91 and the many fixes we've made since then, we are confident that the new
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ Try it out, have fun and report detailed bugs for issues you may encounter!
== Requirements ==
For this release, we depend on GStreamer, GNonLin and GES 1.2.0.
For this release, we depend on GStreamer, GSt-Python, GNonLin and GES 1.4.0.
Refer to Pitivi's for the dependencies' versions for this release.
See also for additional tips.
......@@ -24,50 +24,55 @@ See also for additional tips.
In Pitivi:
234 Alexandru Băluț
44 Mathieu Duponchelle
94 Alexandru Băluț
33 Tomas Karger
27 Jean-François Fortin Tam
16 Marek Černocký
10 Piotr Drąg
9 Daniel Mustieles
6 Thibault Saunier
4 Rafael Ferreira
3 Enrico Nicoletto
2 Aurimas Černius
2 Daniel Korostil
2 Kristjan SCHMIDT
24 Thibault Saunier
22 Jean-François Fortin Tam
20 Lubosz Sarnecki
8 Mathieu Duponchelle
5 Marek Černocký
5 Piotr Drąg
2 Alexandre Franke
2 Daniel Mustieles
2 Dušan Kazik
2 Fabian Orccon
2 Georges Basile Stavracas Neto
2 Ken MacLeod
2 Milagros Alessandra Infante Montero
2 Мирослав Николић
1 Benjamin Steinwender
1 Alexandre Prokoudine
1 Aurimas Černius
1 Balázs Úr
1 Bernd Homuth
1 Brion Vibber
1 Cheng-Chia Tseng
1 Dimitris Spingos
1 Gabor Kelemen
1 Jakub Steiner
1 Marcel Tiede
1 Matej Urbančič
1 Olivier Duchateau
1 Volkan Gezer
1 Dominique Leuenberger
1 Lasse Liehu
1 Martin Srebotnjak
1 Rafael Ferreira
1 Tom Tryfonidis
1 Yuri Myasoedov
38 Thibault Saunier
4 Alexandru Băluț
53 Thibault Saunier
15 Mathieu Duponchelle
5 Edward Hervey
5 Lubosz Sarnecki
4 Sebastian Dröge
3 Dan Williams
3 Mathieu Duponchelle
3 Tim-Philipp Müller
2 Kishore Arepalli
1 Andreas Schwab
1 Edward Hervey
1 Lubosz Sarnecki
1 Stefan Sauer
2 Christoph Reiter
1 Alexandru Băluț
1 Lazar Claudiu
1 Vincent Penquerc'h
== Download ==
Pitivi source tarballs are available on the GNOME FTP servers:
See the website for distribution-specific packages.
......@@ -81,4 +86,4 @@ In GES:
== Bugs Fixed ==
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ dnl Note for packagers: see pitivi/ for the dependencies
dnl initialize autoconf
dnl when going to/from release please set the nano (fourth number) right !
dnl releases only do Wall, cvs and prerelease does Werror too
AC_INIT(Pitivi, 0.93,
AC_INIT(Pitivi, 0.94,,
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