Commit a1151ac8 authored by Alexandru Băluț's avatar Alexandru Băluț Committed by Mathieu Duponchelle

timeline: Remove previous/next keyframe menu items

The logic is missing and we are not sure how useful they are.
The unittests when the functionality has been added are long gone:
parent 8e9a6293
......@@ -17,8 +17,6 @@
<menuitem action="AlignObj" />
<separator />
<menuitem action="Keyframe" />
<menuitem action="Prevkeyframe" />
<menuitem action="Nextkeyframe" />
<separator />
<menuitem action="PlayPause" />
<menuitem action="Screenshot" />
......@@ -1023,12 +1023,6 @@ class TimelineContainer(Gtk.Grid, Zoomable, Loggable):
("Keyframe", "pitivi-keyframe", _("Add a Keyframe"),
"K", _("Add a keyframe"), self._keyframeCb),
("Prevkeyframe", None, _("_Previous Keyframe"),
"comma", _("Move to the previous keyframe"), self._previousKeyframeCb),
("Nextkeyframe", None, _("_Next Keyframe"),
"period", _("Move to the next keyframe"), self._nextKeyframeCb),
actiongroup = Gtk.ActionGroup(name="timelinepermanent")
......@@ -1441,20 +1435,6 @@ class TimelineContainer(Gtk.Grid, Zoomable, Loggable):
path, mime = foo[0], foo[1]
self._project.pipeline.save_thumbnail(-1, -1, mime, path)
def _previousKeyframeCb(self, unused_action):
position = self._project.pipeline.getPosition()
prev_kf = self.timeline.getPrevKeyframe(position)
if prev_kf:
def _nextKeyframeCb(self, unused_action):
position = self._project.pipeline.getPosition()
next_kf = self.timeline.getNextKeyframe(position)
if next_kf:
def _scrollEventCb(self, unused_embed, event):
# FIXME : see
deltas = event.get_scroll_deltas()
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