Commit 965f0a10 authored by Jeff Fortin Tam's avatar Jeff Fortin Tam

application: Fix version check when running a version newer than what's online

parent 49b954cc
......@@ -204,7 +204,12 @@ class Pitivi(Loggable, Signallable):
current_version = version"Latest software version is %s", current_version)
if status is "UNSUPPORTED":
# Python is magical... comparing version *strings* always works,
# even with different major.minor.nano version number schemes!
if VERSION > current_version:
status = "CURRENT""Running version %s, which is newer than the latest known version. Considering it as the latest current version.", VERSION)
elif status is "UNSUPPORTED":
self.warning("Using an outdated version of Pitivi (%s)", VERSION)
self._version_information["current"] = current_version
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