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Release 0.98

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2016 December 5th - Pitivi 0.98
* Customizable keyboard shortcuts
* Used the warnings printed by GTK 3.22 to fix issues in the timeline widget
* Lots of bug fixing, mostly on the timeline
2016 August 8th - Pitivi 0.97
Fifth beta and 7th release of the new version of Pitivi based on GES.
0.97 Release
0.98 Release
This is the seventh release for the new version of Pitivi based on GES,
the GStreamer Editing Services library. This is an incremental bugfixing release.
This is the eighth release for the new version of Pitivi based on GES,
the GStreamer Editing Services library. This is mainly a bug-fix release.
Users can now customize the keyboard shortcuts.
== Requirements ==
For this release, we depend on GStreamer, Gst-Python, GES 1.10.2.
The gnome-desktop optional dependency is not used anymore.
We now use nose2 instead of nosetests for "make check".
Refer to Pitivi's for the dependencies' versions for this release.
See also for additional tips.
== Contributors for this release ==
21 Thibault Saunier
20 Alexandru Băluț
6 Jakub Brindza
4 Piotr Drąg (translator)
2 Daniel Mustieles (translator)
2 Dušan Kazik (translator)
1 Balázs Meskó (translator)
1 Laudivan Freire de Almeida (translator)
1 Lubosz Sarnecki
1 Mahmoud Khalil
1 Rafael Fontenelle (translator)
1 Tiago Santos (translator)
152 Alexandru Băluț
19 Thibault Saunier
2 Jakub Brindza
1 Piotr Drąg
1 Sebastian Dröge
ca Jordi Mas
cs Marek Černocký
de Mario Blättermann
es Daniel Mustieles
fr Claude Paroz
hu Balázs Meskó
lt Aurimas Černius
pl Piotr Drąg
pt_BR Rafael Fontenelle
pt Tiago Santos
sk Dušan Kazik
sr Мирослав Николић
uk Daniel Korostil
== Download ==
Pitivi source tarballs are available on the GNOME FTP servers:
See the website for distribution-specific packages.
See the website for the official build based on flatpak.
== Information and Feedback ==
* Information for users and developers can be found on
* Comments and feedback are welcome.
* Pitivi bug-tracker :
* Pitivi bug-tracker at
== Bugs Fixed ==
Checklist for (pre)-releases
See also:
Note on version numbers:
* Releases are X.YY
* Bugfix releases are X.YY.Z where Z is a relatively small number (1, 2, 3...)
* Pre-releases (right before a major release) are X.YY.ZZ where ZZ = 91, 92, ...
* 'make check' passes
* 'make dist' passes
* Do a test installation and make sure all files are properly dist-ed/install-ed
* No 'blocker' tasks against the upcoming milestone in phabricator
* Bump version number up in (ex: -> 0.97)
* Update the dependencies' version numbers in pitivi/
* Re configure
* Make sure pre-requisites are still valid
* Commit
Releases (major or bugfixes):
* Bump minor number up in and remove the nano (ex: 0.15.92 -> 0.16)
* Re-configure
* Make sure pre-requisites are still valid
* Update the following files:
* pitivi/ dependencies' version numbers
* RELEASE: the release notes (or its short version)/announcement. To get the list of contributors, 'git shortlog -s -n RELEASE-<previoustag>..'
* NEWS: a shorter version of RELEASE, with the exec summary of changes
* AUTHORS: if there are new maintainers
* Commit
* git tag -a RELEASE-X_YY_Z # For major releases, Z = 0
* Use git push --tags to ensure the tags are published on the remote
Publishing (for both releases and pre-releases):
* 'make distcheck' again to get the tarball
* 'scp pitivi-X.YY.ZZ.tar.bz2'
* On, run 'ftpadmin install pitivi-X.YY.ZZ.tar.bz2'.
The tarball will appear on (also visible on
* Send out an announcement mail to:
* (requesting translations update)
* On, update "releases.txt" for the app's update notification feature
# How to make a release
See also
Besides the regular releases, you can also make smaller bug-fix releases.
The regular releases have the version number X.YY, and the bug-fix
releases have the version number X.YY.Z, where Z is a relatively small
number (1, 2, 3...).
Most of the steps below should be done in the [development environment]( `$ source bin/pitivi-env` -> `(ptv-flatpak) $`
1. Check [Phabricator](
* Make sure there is no open 'blocker' task against the current milestone.
* Move the other open tasks somewhere else, for example to the next milestone.
* Archive the current milestone.
2. Make sure we depend on the latest GStreamer. This should be done as soon as GStreamer makes a release.
* Find the latest tag in
* See our current requirement for Gst at the bottom in [](../pitivi/
* If they are different, update the files which contain the old version, for example: `$ git grep "1\.8\.2"` and `$ git commit -a -m "Use GStreamer <gstreamer-version>"`
3. Check your local repository
* Make sure your sandbox is using the latest GStreamer release: `$ ptvenv --update --gst-version=<gst-version>`
* `$ git status` does not show any change
* `$ configure` is all green
4. Make sure the tests pass
* `$ make check`
* `$ make validate`
5. Update the following files:
* [](../
Only if doing a regular release. Bump YY up and remove the micro from
the version number, for example: 0.97.1 -> 0.98. Normally this is the
same as the name of the Phabricator milestone you just archived.
Update the short version of the release notes.
To get the list of contributors: `$ git shortlog -s -n <previous-tag>..`
To get the list of translators: `$ for i in po/*.po help/*; do echo $i; git shortlog -s <previous-tag>.. $i; done`
* [NEWS](../NEWS):
A shorter version of RELEASE, with the exec summary of changes.
If there are new maintainers.
6. Commit the changes: `$ git commit -a -m "Release <version-number>"`
7. Create the distribution archive
* `$ cd mesonbuild && ninja dist && cd .. && ls *.tar.gz`
* Install it on your favorite system, check that it works.
8. Create a tag: `$ git tag -a <version-number> -m "Release <version-number>"`
9. Push the tag to the official repository: `$ git push origin <version-number>`
10. Publish the archive
* `$ scp pitivi-X.YY.ZZ.tar.gz`
* On, run `$ ftpadmin install pitivi-X.YY.ZZ.tar.gz`
The tarball will appear as `.tar.xz` on (also visible on
11. Send out an announcement mail to:
* (thanking translators)
12. On, update "releases.txt" for the app's update notification feature
13. Bump the Z in the version number in [](../, for example if it was a regular release: 0.98 -> 0.98.1 or if it was a bug-fix release: 0.97.1 -> 0.97.2, and `$ commit -a -m "Back to development"`
project('pitivi', 'c', version: '')
project('pitivi', 'c', version: '0.98')
python = find_program('python3')
intltool_merge = find_program('intltool-merge')
......@@ -76,10 +76,14 @@ subdir('tests/validate-tests')
archiver = find_program('git-archive-all', required : false)
if archiver.found()
run_target('dist', 'git-archive-all', '--prefix=pitivi-' + meson.project_version(),
'pitivi-' + meson.project_version() + '.tar.gz')
prefix = 'pitivi-' + meson.project_version()
archive = 'pitivi-' + meson.project_version() + '.tar.gz'
run_target('dist', command : ['git-archive-all', '--prefix=' + prefix, archive])
message('git-archive-all not found, you will not be able to run `ninja dist`')
message('Install git-archive-all with pip:')
message(' $ pip install git-archive-all')
message('Install git-archive-all:')
message(' - with pip:')
message(' $ pip3 install git-archive-all')
message(' - in the sandbox:')
message(' (ptv-flatpak) $ build/flatpak/py-configure --module=git-archive-all && make install')
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