Commit e154e332 authored by Chun-wei Fan's avatar Chun-wei Fan

Clean up gobject/gvaluetransform.c a bit

The check for _MSC_VER here is not necessary here because:
-One cannot compile GLib out-of-the-box with VS 2003 (let alone VS6
 or earlier) since GLib 2.22.4 or so.
-This code compiles fine with the currently-supported VS versions
 (2008/2010) without the error mentioned in the comments.

This will close Bug 652002.
parent fba436f2
......@@ -106,16 +106,8 @@ DEFINE_CAST (uint64_uint, v_uint64, guint, v_uint);
DEFINE_CAST (uint64_long, v_uint64, glong, v_long);
DEFINE_CAST (uint64_ulong, v_uint64, gulong, v_ulong);
DEFINE_CAST (uint64_int64, v_uint64, gint64, v_int64);
#ifdef _MSC_VER
/* work around error C2520: conversion from unsigned __int64 to double
* not implemented, use signed __int64
* If it is supported don't miss to g_value_register_transform_func() below
#pragma message ("Check if cast from uint64 to double is supported with msvc 6.0")
DEFINE_CAST (uint64_float, v_uint64, gfloat, v_float);
DEFINE_CAST (uint64_double, v_uint64, gdouble, v_double);
DEFINE_CAST (float_s8, v_float, gint8, v_int);
DEFINE_CAST (float_u8, v_float, guint8, v_uint);
DEFINE_CAST (float_int, v_float, gint, v_int);
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