1. 25 Mar, 2021 1 commit
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    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      clutter: Ensure to reset touchpoints when disabling action · 83ed2afe
      Carlos Garnacho authored and  Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
      The action might not have been triggered yet, as per its trigger
      threshold. This doesn't mean we shouldn't reset the point(s) accumulated
      so far.
      This fixes those touchpoints persisting after disable/enable, thus
      making gesture recognition fail from there on.
      Part-of: <GNOME/mutter!1791>
    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      clutter: Update ClutterGestureAction point position before ::prepare · b0a0be3c
      Carlos Garnacho authored and  Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
      We might want to perform distance/threshold checks in the ::prepare
      vfunc, but we didn't record the last motion event yet. This used to
      give a delta of 0/0 between the press and last motion coordinates,
      despite the ClutterGestureAction having a trigger threshold. This
      happens no longer.
      Part-of: <GNOME/mutter!1791>
    • Jonas Dreßler's avatar
      clutter/actor: Always use allocation size for picking · 0e97c055
      Jonas Dreßler authored and  Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
      The usage of clutter_actor_get_preferred_width/height() for building the
      pick box can trigger Clutters size negotiation machinery in case the
      allocation of the actor is invalidated, with commit 82f3bdd1 we worked
      around that by excluding actors with invalidated allocations from
      There's no need to do that though, when picking we always want to
      operate on the last known allocation of the actor, since that is what's
      actually painted on the screen.
      So instead of not picking at all when an actors allocation is
      invalidated, just use the size of the last allocation. We still have to
      factor in one extra case, that's when an actor hasn't gotten any
      allocation yet: In that case we want to exclude the actor from picking
      since the actor is not on the screen yet.
      This fixes a regression introduced by the commit mentioned above where
      picking wouldn't work on windows that have just been resized.
      Part-of: <GNOME/mutter!1784>
    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      wayland: Cancel selection data sources that are set while unfocused · 4bee25d8
      Carlos Garnacho authored and  Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
      If a client is naive enough to assume that it can set the selection while
      it has got no surfaces, mutter will simply ignore the request and leave
      the selection unchanged.
      This is good and the expected behavior, however the poor client that did
      this will enter in an inconsistent state where it "claimed" the selection,
      but nobody told it that the wl_data_source is not current.
      So, when the client is focused the next time, it will receive wl_data_offers
      as usual, but it will still think all the time that it is owning the
      selection. In the case of GTK, that takes client-side shortcuts, so any
      attempted paste will still bring back the client-side aborted selection.
      To fix this, cancel the selection right away if it happened while unfocused,
      the client will be able to undo its own failed selection, and not assume
      that future offers are its own.
      Fixes: #1469
      Part-of: <https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNO...
    • Daniel van Vugt's avatar
      wayland-dma-buf: Add support for DRM_FORMAT_ABGR2101010 · 3555f65b
      Daniel van Vugt authored and  Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
      It seems to be the preferred format of the Mesa V3D driver on
      Raspberry Pi 4. If the compositor doesn't advertise it then Mesa will
      fallback from `zwp_linux_dmabuf_v1` to `wl_drm`, incorrectly. Meaning
      it will keep using a buffer with modifiers on an interface that does
      not have modifiers.
      Add support for `DRM_FORMAT_ABGR2101010`. It works, and prevents Mesa
      from taking its broken fallback path.
      Fixes: GNOME/mutter#1520
      Part-of: <GNOME/mutter!1798>
    • Marek Černocký's avatar
      Updated Czech translation · dc74d4d4
      Marek Černocký authored
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    • Olivier Fourdan's avatar
      xwayland: Check permissions on /tmp/.X11-unix · 1f1bf4cd
      Olivier Fourdan authored
      For Xwayland, mutter creates the sockets in the standard /tmp/.X11-unix
      Yet, if that directory already exists, it may have been created by
      another user with full control over the created socket.
      To avoid that issue, if the directory /tmp/.X11-unix already exists,
      check that the permissions are as we expect, i.e. the directory belongs
      to either root or the user herself, is writable and has the sticky bit.
      Thanks to fabian@ritter-vogt.de for reporting that issue.
      Part-of: <!1787>
    • Olivier Fourdan's avatar
      xwayland: Use defines for X11 directory and path · 7b5e8550
      Olivier Fourdan authored
      Rather than repeating the same strings for X11 directory and path all
      around the code, use a define.
      No functional change.
      Part-of: <!1787>
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