Commit 8689cfc9 authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

NEWS update for 3.30.3

parent 624f149b
Evolution-Data-Server 3.30.3 2018-12-10
Bug Fixes:
Bug 719328 - [IMAPx] Fails to update folder content with QResync (Milan Crha)
evo-I#196 - Build developer documentation in a fix order (Milan Crha)
I#5 - Compare only date when searching with Sent/Received dates ][ (Milan Crha)
I#49 - [CardDAV] Local cache made broken after update (Milan Crha)
I#51 - [Gmail] Change from OAuth2 to other authentication doesn't stick (Milan Crha)
I#55 - [IMAPx] Flags after certain BODYSTRUCTURE not recognized (Milan Crha)
I#56 - [Camel] Can stop parsing mail address header too early (Milan Crha)
I#62 - Make EVCardAttribute/EVCardAttributeParam structures ref-counted internally (Milan Crha)
I#63 - [CalDAV/CardDAV] Incorrectly thinks an object is created in offline (Milan Crha)
I#64 - S/MIME: Two signerInfos (one *invalid*, one valid) are merged into a single valid indicator (Milan Crha)
[IMAPx] Fix a concurrent message download issue (Milan Crha)
Make sure intltool-merge cache is created only once (Milan Crha)
test-cal-client-get-revision could fail due to delayed D-Bus property change notification (Milan Crha)
[evolution-dbus-session] Handle method calls with GUnixFDList (Milan Crha)
Deadlock when marking as read message in a search folder (Milan Crha)
[CalDAV/CardDAV] Can add component to local cache with incomplete info (Milan Crha)
Copy messages within mail filters immediately (Milan Crha)
Correct use-after-free in e_vcard_attribute_remove_param_value() (Milan Crha)
Replace evolution-dbus-session tool with DBUS_SERVICES_PREFIX option (Milan Crha)
[Camel] Address compiler warning in header_address_list_encode_append() (Milan Crha)
Relax runtime check in e_cal_util_get_system_timezone() (Milan Crha)
[Flatpak] Save passwords in libsecret with the same prefix as used by D-Bus services (Milan Crha)
[test-server-utils] Correct when open of deprecated book/calendar is retried (Milan Crha)
[test-cal-client-get-free-busy] Enhance the test execution (Milan Crha)
[Flatpak] Make alarm-notify use the D-Bus services prefix, if specified (Milan Crha)
Cédric Valmary (oc)
Dušan Kazik (sk)
Carmen Bianca BAKKER (eo)
Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio (eu)
Evolution-Data-Server 3.30.2 2018-10-22
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