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    • Milan Crha's avatar
      [test-cal-client-get-free-busy] Enhance the test execution · 5f1d2650
      Milan Crha authored
      Couple changes in the test:
      1) add also a component into the calendar, thus the returned
         Free/Busy component is not empty
      2) let the sync variant wait for the D-Bus signal with Free/Busy
         data again
      3) wait for the D-Bus signal in case it's not received in time
         of the method execution finish.
      Especially the 3) is important, because the D-Bus signal can be delivered
      after the method invocation is received, which could break the test.
    • Milan Crha's avatar
      [test-server-utils] Correct when open of deprecated book/calendar is retried · 68838b59
      Milan Crha authored
      The test could fail when creating the instance, not when opening it,
      thus retry also when the instance creation fails. Left the code
      for the open() too, just in case.
    • Milan Crha's avatar
      [Flatpak] Save passwords in libsecret with the same prefix as used by D-Bus services · 50a15363
      Milan Crha authored
      As the passwords are saved in the host system, the eds-origin key cannot
      use the same value as the host system, because otherwise the secret-monitor
      module of evolution-source-registry would delete the password, because
      the ESource is unknown to it. Similarly the other way around, the inner
      (in Flatpak) source registry would delete system passwords, because those
      ESource-s are unknown to it.
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    • Milan Crha's avatar
      Deadlock when marking as read message in a search folder · fd0753b2
      Milan Crha authored
      There could happen a deadlock when two threads change for example
      message info flags, where one threads holds message info's summary lock
      and is waiting for the info's property lock, which the other thread
      hold's info's property lock and is waiting for the summary lock.
      It's safer to hold summary lock before acquiring the message info's
      lock when anything will be changed in the message info, which didn't
      happen here.
      This had been reported downstream at:
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    • Milan Crha's avatar
      test-cal-client-get-revision could fail due to delayed D-Bus property change notification · 5eaebbe5
      Milan Crha authored
      The test had been mostly working, except cases when the delivery
      of a D-Bus property change signal had been delayed. Then the value
      on the client side was not the same as the value on the server side.
      There's a very similar test for EBookClient, which does slightly more
      things, which gives D-Bus enough time to deliver the property change
      to the client, thus this change adds the component removal to address it.
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    • Milan Crha's avatar
      Remove e-gdbus-templates from libedataserver · 3ddb2113
      Milan Crha authored
      The only two parts using it were GDBus objects for address book and
      calendar view, which could be easily transformed to use gdbus-codegen,
      the same as the rest of the GDBus objects defined in src/private/.