Commit 42fa113d authored by Olav Vitters's avatar Olav Vitters
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increase max uncompressed size

parent 38fe26f8
......@@ -545,7 +545,7 @@ class TarInfo(BasicInfo):
errors['UNIQ_DIR'] = 'Files not in the correct directory (expected %s, found %s)' % (test_uniq_dir, uniq_dir)
test_eof_data = (tar_end_of_file_pos - tar_end_of_data_pos)
if test_eof_data > MAX_EXTRA_DATA:
errors['EXTRA_DATA'] = 'Too much uncompressed tarball data (expected max %s, found %s); use tar-ustar in AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE!' % (human_size(MAX_EXTRA_DATA), human_size(test_eof_data))
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