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Rename 10-minute Tutorials on

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......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ find information on tools and methods to work with many GNOME desktops.
<_msgstr msgid="switchlang">Switching Language</_msgstr>
<_msgstr msgid="activelang">Active Language:</_msgstr>
<_msgstr msgid="gnome-developer-center">GNOME Developer Center</_msgstr>
<_msgstr msgid="10-minute-tutorials">10-minute Tutorials</_msgstr>
<_msgstr msgid="10-minute-tutorials">Code examples and demos</_msgstr>
<_msgstr msgid="getting-started">Getting Started</_msgstr>
<_msgstr msgid="get-ready-for-dev">Get ready for GNOME Development</_msgstr>
<_msgstr msgid="download-dev-tools">Download GNOME Development Tools</_msgstr>
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