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GTK provides, directly or through various dependencies, a full platform for
application development.
### User interface and display
- GTK — Widget toolkit for graphical interfaces
- GDK — Low-level abstraction for the windowing system
- Cairo — 2D, vector-based drawing for high-quality graphics
- Pango — International text rendering with full Unicode support
- ATK — Accessibility toolkit to implement support for screen readers and other tools
### Storage of the user's data
- GSettings — Configuration storage for application preferences
### File access
- GFile — File and URI handling, asynchronous file operations, volume handling
### Networking
- GNetworking — Networking and sockets API with streams
- Soup — Asynchronous HTTP library with cookies, SSL, and XML-RPC
### Multimedia
- GStreamer — Playing, mixing, and manipulating sound and video
### Inter-process communication
- D-Bus — Inter-process communication bus to provide APIs to other processes
- Polkit — Access control for system-level services provided through D-Bus
### Foundational C utilities and object system
- GLib — Data structures and utilities for C programs
- GObject — C-based object and type system with signals and slots
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