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Merge branch 'icon_position' into 'master'

fix the position of icons inside the card on the home page

See merge request !114
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......@@ -220,14 +220,16 @@ news_and_events_list:
<section class="py-4" id="development" style="background: linear-gradient(var(--light), var(--white));">
<div class="container">
<div class="row py-4 px-3">
<div class="row py-4 ">
{% assign development = page.development_section %}
{% for item in development %}
<div class="col-md-4 py-3 py-md-0 px-0 px-md-3">
<div class="w-100 h-100 bg-white py-4 px-3 mb-2 border rounded card">
<span class="mb-2"><i class="{{ item.icon }} fa-fw"></i></span>
<h5 class="font-weight-normal mb-3">{{ item.heading }}</h5>
<span class="text-muted small">{{ item.description | markdownify }}</span>
<div class="w-100 h-100 bg-white py-4 px-3 mb-2 border rounded card shadow">
<div class="mb-2 d-flex justify-content-between">
<h5 class="ml-2 my-auto font-weight-normal">{{ item.heading }}</h5>
<span class="mx-3 my-auto"><i class="{{ item.icon }} fa-fw fa-lg my-auto"></i></span>
<span class="pt-2 px-2 text-muted small text-justify">{{ item.description | markdownify }}</span>
{% endfor %}
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