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    admin/gimp-web-urls tutorials/Smart_Sharpening/shortcuts.htrw · 2aa1d65a
    Raphael Quinet authored
    2007-10-25  Raphael Quinet  <raphael@gimp.org>
    	* admin/gimp-web-urls
    	* tutorials/Smart_Sharpening/shortcuts.htrw
    	* tutorials/Smart_Sharpening/warp-sharp.htrw
    	* tutorials/Perlotine/nested.htrw
    	* tutorials/*/index.htrw: (41 additional files) moved the links to
    	the original tutorials from admin/gimp-web-urls to the pages using
    	them so that it is easier to maintain them.  Corrected or removed
    	some broken links.  Fixes bug #487856.
    svn path=/branches/v2.4/; revision=1701
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