Mailing Lists

If you want to discuss features, tips, tricks or contribute to the development of GIMP, then we have several useful mailing lists and IRC channels for you.

The original (mostly unix based) user list. For the everyday user. Here you will find tips for doing cool effects, user questions, etc.
Archives: GNOME, mail-archive, Gmane, nabble, spinics
Old Archives: mail-archive
GIMP Developer
The GIMP developer list. For plug-in developers and core program developers; discussion about the source code.
Archives: GNOME, mail-archive, Gmane, nabble
Old Archives: mail-archive
GEGL Developer
The GEGL developer list. For developers interested in contributing to GEGL, the new architecture for image processing.
Archives: GNOME, mail-archive, Gmane
Old Archives: mail-archive
The GIMP GUI list. For discussion around UI/UX. Archives: GNOME,
The GIMP web list. For discussion about the contents and structure of this web site.
Archives: GNOME, mail-archive, Gmane
The GIMP documentation list. For discussion about the GIMP User Manual and all derivative works.
Archives: GNOME, mail-archive, Gmane
Old Archives: mail-archive

Code of Conduct

Mailing lists are an important communication channel between contributors and users of GIMP. Therefore we urge you to follow the following common etiquette rules. Failure to observe them, or instructions from the moderators, may be grounds for reprimand, probation, or removal.

The code may change in the future, followed by a notification to subscribers.

Please use these sources to check for information on the project, roadmap, feature requests, bug reports etc.:

We also suggest checking archives of the mailing lists for existing discussions.