1. 16 Jan, 2017 6 commits
  2. 15 Jan, 2017 11 commits
  3. 08 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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      Add .htaccess to the site · 9cdce13a
      Pat David authored
      We didn't previously use an .htaccess.
      I'm adding this now to allow us to do a 301 redirect
      for the /macintosh/ page.  I've set it to redirect to
  4. 27 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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  7. 03 Nov, 2016 5 commits
  8. 31 Oct, 2016 4 commits
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      content: remove remnants of visibility/opacity animation on the 404 SVG. · 848329fd
      Jehan authored
      Since Firefox does not seem to allow animation of visibility and opacity
      with a strict CSP policy, I just replace these all with translations out
      of the canvas as a workaround.
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      content: improving the 404 SVG animation for broken Firefox output. · 7764af1e
      Jehan authored
      Firefox seems to have problem on animating the visibility XML attribute
      when a CSP policy is in action (likely case since it works locally, but
      not on testing).
      Is it a bug? Or is this XML attribute considered as style?
      Fix various usages by replacing them with translation out of canvas or
      opacity animation (not sure if opacity animation will work with CSP.
      Let's see).
      There is likely more to fix, but I want to see how it goes so far.
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      content: get rid of the embedded data image in the 404 animated SVG. · 34dfed4a
      Jehan authored
      I was embedded a piece of the banner ("Niagara Rainbow" by Ville Pätsi)
      from the landing page as the header which Wilber is trying to pull.
      Chrome is ok, but Firefox handles badly this embedded data on testing.
      The possible reason is CSP, since it works well locally. Anyway let's
      just replace it with a unicolor rectangle.
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      content, themes: new animated 404 page. · f8cecc7a
      Jehan authored
      SVG graphics and animation by Aryeom, edited as a SVG+SMIL animation by
      myself. The whole thing is CC by-SA.
      It works well under Firefox and Chrome. Microsoft browsers don't have
      animation support so they should just display a static SVG (the sad
      Wilber which is the animation's last frame). Not tested under Safari
      or Opera.
  9. 27 Oct, 2016 4 commits
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    • Jehan's avatar
      content: rename wilbericon.original.svg into wilbericon.src.svg. · 2dc25ac3
      Jehan authored
      It seems this is the naming already used for other files. Let's stay
    • Jehan's avatar
      content: frontpage blocks.svg optimized and inline CSS deleted. · 11f5c8ad
      Jehan authored
      Similarly to the Wilber icon, this SVG was shown full-black since
      embedded styling was ignored because of the CSP. I regenerated it as
      "Optimized SVG" from blocks.src.svg in Inkscape and deleted any
      remaining inline style with the regex: %s/style="[^"]*"//g
    • Jehan's avatar
      Bug 773364 - Wilber SVG icon is black. · 67a3137f
      Jehan authored
      Mozilla Firefox ignores inline style rules in SVG because of Content
      Security Policy. Exporting a SVG in Inkscape as Optimized SVG replaces
      CSS rules with XML attributes when possible. As a second step, I deleted
      all style="" attributes with a search and replace. This seems to be
      working fine with simple SVG images and the optimized file is also a lot
      I kept around the original in Inkscape SVG format though, to avoid data
      loss. I also took the opportunity to add the appropriate authorship
      metadata for Aryeom in the SVG files.
  10. 20 Oct, 2016 5 commits