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<h2>GIMP&nbsp;&mdash; kurz&nbsp;&amp; gut</h2>
<img class="icon" src="gimp-kurz-und-gut.jpg"
alt="GIMP&nbsp;&mdash; kurz &amp; gut"
<strong>Author:</strong> Karsten G&uuml;nther<br/>
<strong>Format:</strong> eBook (PDF), 240pp.<br/>
<!--<strong>ISBN-10:</strong> X-XXXXX-XXX-X<br/>-->
<strong>ISBN-13:</strong> 978-3-95561-370-9<br/>
<strong>Publisher/Date:</strong> O'Reilly/2013<br/>
<strong>Website:</strong> <a href=""></a><br/>
<strong>Description:</strong> the book (in German) quickly explains the basics of using GIMP and various features of the user interface.
<h2>Das GIMP 2.8-Buch</h2>
<img class="icon" src="gimp-2-8-kay-richter.jpg"
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