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Add a paragraph about the improved memory management in GEGL.

GEGL now helps the underlying libc by releasing memory manually with
malloc_trim() sometimes.
parent 9b90c82b
......@@ -253,6 +253,14 @@ cases. Now in all places where there is choice of interpolation (all
transformation tools, *Warp Transform* tool, etc.), the result with *cubic*
has changed and produces sharper results.
Another notable improvement in GEGL is an updated memory management, by
conditionally freeing memory from the heap (thanks to manual calls of
`malloc_trim()`), hence forcing the underlying `libc` to release memory
more often. This behavior is especially suitable for long-running
applications whose memory need can greatly vary, such as GIMP.
In practice, it means that GIMP process' memory size will now shrink
much faster when you will close big images on supporting systems.
# What's next
Though it gets less visibility, work on upcoming GIMP 3 continues and is
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