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Title: GIMP 2.7.4 Released, GEGL and babl Updated
Date: 2011-12-13
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
We released GIMP 2.7.4 with minor improvements and bugfixes. Most improvements are related to user interface and usability, see [here]( for detailed list of changes. Depending on amount of bugs we get reports on this could be the last version before 2.8 release candidates and 2.8 itself.
The other good news is that between 2.7.3 and 2.7.4 Michael Natterer considerably improved GTK+ for Mac, so GIMP is finally going to be first class citizen on that platform.
We also released new versions of GEGL and babl. Changes in babl are [mostly]( improvements of the existing feature set, but GEGL got operations ported from GIMP filters by Robert Sasu during Google Summer of Code 2011, as well as some new operations written by the team.
Resampling was improved in GEGL thanks to Nicolas Robidoux and Adam Turcotte who added a lohalo resampler. There's API and infrastructure for doing non-affine resampling in place now as well.
Finally, GeglView GTK widget was separated from GEGL into a new project called GEGL-GTK to simplify using GEGL from GTK+ applications. The work was done by Jon Nordby from MyPaint project. Jon started another project, GEGL-Qt, to do the same for Qt. Please [read his blog]( for more details.
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Title: GIMP 2.6.12 Released – The Final 2.6 Release
Date: 2012-02-01
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
GIMP 2.6.12 is a bug-fix release in the stable GIMP 2.6 series. Its purpose is mostly to wrap up all fixes that have piled up since 2.6.11 into a last release in the stable 2.6 series before we switch to 2.8. Please have a look at the [NEWS]( file for a detailed list of changes.
The source can be downloaded from []( Binary packages for various supported platforms should become available soon; please check the [Downloads]( section.
Just like you, we want to see v2.8 out in the wild as soon as possible, but there's still a number of regressions that block this important release.
On a lighter note, v2.8 is going to have an updated default set of brushes for painting and a set of tools presets (new feature in 2.8). The work was done by Ramón Miranda (GIMP Paint Studio project) and Guillermo Espertino.
Meanwhile there is a considerable progress with the GPU-side rendering project we announced in November. Victor Oliveira has brought OpenCL support on GEGL to a level where GIMP can load an image to a GPU and process it there with a brightness-contrast operation. This is only the beginning, but it opens quite a few possibilities.
We also maintain a rather active [Google+]( page where we post various project related news, links to impressive work done with GIMP and so on.
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Title: GIMP at Libre Graphics Meeting 2012
Date: 2012-02-27
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
On May 2–5 we are attending [Libre Graphics Meeting 2012](, the annual conference for developers and users of free software for graphic design, photography and 3D modeling. The event is taking place in the beautiful city of Vienna, co-located with Linuxwochen.
The conference started in 2006 as an extended version of our annual developers meeting where we met Scribus and Inkscape teams to figure out how we can make our software work better together. Since then LGM has become the premiere event of the year for everyone who cares about free graphics software.
One of the achievements of the conference is OpenRaster, a raster file format that supports layers and blending modes and is intended for long-time archival. It is currently supported by GIMP, MyPaint, Krita and Pinta which makes it possible to use various tools on the same project file.
We have various ideas how else to co-operate with other teams and we tend to use LGM as another venue for our developers to meet each other and our usability team. However we'd like to notice that while your continuous support via donations enables us to travel to LGM, not all of the other teams are in this position. So if you care about co-operation between teams, we humbly ask you to [support the conference via Pledgie]( The money will be spent on getting other developers to the conference.
We expect the upcoming four days of Libre Graphics Meeting 2012 to be full of sparkling ideas, collaboration and, above all, fun. If you'd like to meet us or any other teams or even give a talk, you still have time to [register](
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Title: GIMP 2.7.5 Released
Date: 2012-03-14
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
We've just released GIMP 2.7.5, the last beta in the 2.7.x series. This version got various fixes and improvements, translation updates and a few minor features such as configurable default color of quick masks.
Since this version GIMP is shipping with a revamped brush pack and a set of ca. 40 tools presets, mostly painting related. The work was done by Ramón Miranda (GIMP Paint Studio) and Guillermo Espertino. This particular change is a first major step in updating the default bundle of resources to match user expectations.
For a complete list of changes since 2.7.4 please refer to the [NEWS]( page, while the [release notes]( summarize changes in the whole 2.7.x series.
There are still [some bugs to fix]( before we can release v2.8. We encourage you to join the team and help us getting 2.8 released.
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Title: GIMP Accepted for GSoC2012
Date: 2012-03-21
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
GIMP has been accepted to [Google Summer of Code 2012]( program. This is a great chance for aspiring developers to get a good understanding of remote collaborative work and coincidentally help the project become an even better image editor.
We put together a [list of project ideas]( that you might like to have a look at. But you are also free to suggest your own idea. [Here]( is some more essential info for potential students. If you are eligible for the program, please join the gimp-developer@ mailing list or the [IRC channel]( to discuss your project idea.
Student application period opens on March 26 and closes on April 6. Please contact us prior to submitting your application. We will not accept projects from people we never heard of.
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Title: GEGL and babl Updated, GIMP 2.8rc1 Released
Date: 2012-04-08
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
We released new versions of GEGL and babl, quickly followed by the first release candidate of GIMP 2.8.
GEGL 0.2.0 has some major improvements and breaks API/ABI compatibility with earlier versions for some very good reasons.
Perhaps the most exciting change in GEGL is an initial support for GPU-side rendering and processing via OpenCL. Hardware acceleration makes it possible to leverage many operations to GPUs which can dramatically improve performance.
The foundation for this feature was laid by Jerson Michael Perpetua as the primary objective of his GSoC2009 project. The second part of the project was done by Victor Oliveira during GSoC2011. Victor was also sponsored by AMD to finish the project this winter, with help from GEGL team, Zhang Peixuan and his team from Multicore Ware. Currently you need to run GEGL_USE_OPENCL=yes to use this.
Two new essential operations were contributed to GEGL. Mikael Magnusson implemented perspective transformation, and Jan Rüegg submitted a global matting operation that would be required for a GEGL-based foreground selection tool.
Since this version GEGL also supports internationalization. The final patches for that were delivered by Michael Muré. Translations into German, French, Polish, Russian, Slovenian and Spanish languages are available, and we expect more to follow. Users of GIMP 2.8 will see this in the experimental GEGL operation tool.
The changes in GIMP 2.8rc1 since 2.7.5 are mostly not user-visible. We merely updated the code to work with newer versions of GEGL and babl, fixed GFig rendering issues and used all the translation updates we got to the point. There is still time to review your translations and submit updates, although probably not too much of it.
Please use the Downloads section to fetch source code of GIMP 2.8rc1 and visit []( for source code of GEGL and babl. Let us know if you run into serious regressions that haven't been reported yet.
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Title: GIMP's Core Getting Ported to GEGL
Date: 2012-04-17
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
In late 2007 we launched smooth transition to GEGL—a new advanced image processing core incepted by a team of Rhythm & Hues developers.
For v2.6 we made an optional GEGL-based implementation of color adjustment tools, and for upcoming v2.8 we implemented optional projection rendering via GEGL. But nobody really had evaluated the amount of the work to be done in order to finalize this transition. Until just now.
Five weeks ago Michael Natterer and Øyvind Kolås decided to finally work out the migration strategy. While working on that they found themselves [doing the actual porting]( So now about 90% of the GIMP application’s core has been [ported to GEGL]( When finished, this will be released as GIMP 2.10 along with some other improvements yet to be decided on.
GEGL is quite an exciting project that will make it possible to implement some long anticipated features in a clean, non-sloppy way: high bit depth image processing and deep painting, non-destructive editing, a wider choice of color spaces to work in, mipmaps processing for faster perceived editing etc. This will be the focus of our future work after release of v2.10, along with further user interface improvements thanks to collaboration with Peter Sikking and his team at Man+Machine Works.
Now that we passed the point of no return with regards to GIMP and GEGL, we encourage you to join us and help porting the rest of GIMP. We'd really like to finish the boring part as soon as possible and start new exciting developments where we'd also need your support.
We also encourage you to [support]( Libre Graphics Meeting 2012 where developers of GIMP and other teams such as Scribus, Inkscape and Blender meet to align development strategies.
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Title: GIMP and GEGL Projects for GSoC2012 Announced
Date: 2012-04-23
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
We are excited to announce that we have five students to work with us on improving GIMP as part of the [Google Summer of Code 2012]( program. All the students will be contributing to faster transition of GIMP to GEGL, our new advanced image core.
The projects are:
* Maxime Nicco and hanslo will port GIMP filters to GEGL operations.
* Ville Sokk will port other GIMP features to GEGL.
* Isaac Wagner will create a GEGL-based node compositor that will serve as playground for GEGL development.
* Mikael Magnusson will create a [Unified Transform]( tool.
In the past years Google Summer of Code has proven to be a great source of contributions. We wish our students success and, above all, a lot of fun while making GIMP a state of the art image editor.
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Title: GIMP 2.8 Released
Date: 2012-05-03
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
We are happy to announce immediate availability of GIMP 2.8—a new stable version of GNU Image Manipulation Program that culminates 3.5 years of exciting work.
With this version we are introducing some long-anticipated features such as layer groups, on-canvas text editing, advanced brush dynamics and the much desired optional single-window mode. We also started applying other important changes to the user interface that bring us closer to matching the [product vision](
For detailed information about changes since 2.6 please read the [release notes]( Source code is [available for downloading]( from a plethora of mirrors, a build for Windows will soon be available, and we hope to see a build for Mac OS X released as well.
We'd like to thank everyone who participated in development of GIMP 2.8: programmers, translators, documentation writers (updated user manual is a work in progress), and testers. We also thank our user community for the dedication and support—we needed it more than ever.
Now that this version is finally released, we are grasping the future with both hands. Stay tuned: some really exciting news will follow.
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Title: High Bit Depth Processing Available Now
Date: 2012-05-04
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
Today at [Libre Graphics Meeting 2012]( in Vienna we announced that the development version of GIMP is now capable of processing images in 16bit and 32bit modes, integer or float at your preference.
Transformation, painting and color adjustment tools will just work in higher bit depth precision modes. More than that, GIMP can load and save 16bit PNG images and save EXR and HDR files now. We also improved support for indexed images, so that you could finally paint over them with the Smudge tool or apply filters.
There is still a lot of work left to do, and this is a great chance for potential contributors to step up and begin improving the application. Low-hanging fruits include porting of file loaders and savers, filters and other small bits of GIMP that don't require a lot of familiarity with the internal structure. Please contact us in the gimp-developer mailing list.
Decision on the final feature set in 2.10 is yet to be made, no time-based schedule is available either. However we fully intend to make development cycles much shorter.
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Title: New Usability Project
Date: 2012-05-14
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
Since 2006 we've been [improving]( GIMP's user interface with help from Peter Sikking and his team at [man + machine interface works]( Some of the best improvements in GIMP's UI over past several years are the direct result of our collaboration.
We are happy to announce that for the next 10 weeks Marinus Schraal is joining Peter Sikking to work on a concept of a new widget set for tools' options in GIMP. The net outcome will be a functional spec for new UI elements that will be compact and easy to use.
By the way, recently Peter did another GIMP related interaction design course at the FH Vorarlberg, Austria. His students [worked]( on possible new user interfaces for [Liquid Rescale]( plug-in that implements content-aware scaling.
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Title: All GSoC Students Passed Midterm Evaluation
Date: 2012-07-20
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
We are glad to announce that all of our Google Summer of Code 2012 students passed the midterm evaluation last week.
All projects are coming along nicely. The unified transform is already quite functional, the experimental GEGL editor is maturing, more filters were rewritten into GEGL operations, and more parts of GEGL were adapted for the new image processing core.
There's also substantial progress with the Seamless Clone tool that was part of Google Summer of Code 2011 program. The tool relies on Poly2tri — a C++ library for generating constrained Delaunay triangulations. You can read more about this project in [the developer's blog](
The Poly2tri library is likely to be used by the next generation of the Cage Transform tool (available since v2.8). This is expected to simplify and hence speed up calculations which are currently slow when used on large images.
Title: We Are Looking for Windows Developers
Date: 2012-07-25
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
It's been a long time since we last had an active Windows-based developer. Consequently, GIMP has accumulated a plethora of bugs specific for that operating system. As much as we'd like to provide a smooth user experience for Windows users, we simply do not have the required human resources.
Hence, if you are an experienced Windows-based developer who is interested to help GIMP become a first-class citizen in the Windows world, please get in touch with us. Our main communication channels are the [gimp-developer]( mailing list and [IRC]( Here is the [list of all reported bugs]( for the Windows version of GIMP.
If you go for IRC, we recommend sticking there for several hours, since we are mostly Europe-based, and you maybe aren't in the same timezones span. Most development talks happen on IRC anyway, so staying online helps the communication.
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Title: GIMP 2.8.2 Released
Date: 2012-08-24
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
We've just released GIMP 2.8.2, the first update to the new stable version of GIMP. The update brings several dozens of fixes to various issues of all scales.
Most notorious bugs fixed are: not being able to remember JPEG saving options, slow canvas redraw, not showing page setup options on Windows. There's also a workaround for the bug that used to cause showing incorrect file size values on Windows. For the complete list of changes please see the [NEWS]( file.
Additionally we did a lot of work to make a native build of GIMP for Mac a possibility. The official will be available soon. Windows installers of v2.8.2 will be available from [the usual location]( shortly.
Beginning with this version we are also switching to a new versions numbering scheme. Final releases now always have even number of the micro version, and the versions in Git always have an odd number.
Title: Google Summer of Code 2012 Is Over
Date: 2012-09-03
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
Four out of five GIMP students successfully finished their work in the Google Summer of Code 2012 program. Unfortunately one of the students wasn't able to complete all of the work.
The code written by the students has already been merged to main development branches and is expected to be available in the next releases of GIMP and GEGL.
While the first public version of the Unified Transform Tool will only be available in the 2.9.x series, new GEGL operations will be present in the next release of GEGL already.
The students ported the following GIMP filters to GEGL operations: Shift, Wind, Cartoon, Photocopy, Oilify, Softglow, and a variety of noise generators.
The GEGL-based [node editor]( is a standalone project and will eventually be released separately.
It was a great summer. We thank all the students for participating and we would love to see them around in years to follow.
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Title: GIMP Gets ICC v4 Color Profiles Support
Date: 2012-11-21
Category: News
Authors: Alexandre Prokoudine
For the last few weeks GIMP has been capable of using ICC v4 color profiles thanks to a patch by [Laurent Martelli]( who ported the color management plug-in to use LittleCMS v2.
There is also an ongoing work by [Elle Stone]( to adapt that plug-in to the new GEGL-based architecture and make color space conversions just work between various bit depth precision levels — from 8-bit to 32-bit floating point.
Once it's done, GIMP will be capable of converting images between different color spaces with little to no loss of color fidelity. In fact, it already works, with some caveats.
Meanwhile Michael Natterer is busy porting plug-ins for loading and saving files to GEGL and GIO. The latter means that GIMP doesn't create temporary files anymore when loading files from remote locations, and previews in the Open File dialog 100% match actual images.
There is still a lot of work to do before GEGL-based version of GIMP is completely functional. We encourage you to join the team and help making the future closer.
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