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......@@ -112,6 +112,7 @@ If a new directory needs to be added, like `artists/`:
### File Formats
#### Text files
The files can be written using ReStructuredText, Markdown, or HTML.
The latest information for using these formats can be found in the documentation:
......@@ -120,6 +121,32 @@ The majority of the files here are likely Markdown, as it's what I (Pat David) u
I wrote a brief cheatsheet of the Markdown format that can be found on the site here:
#### SVG files
The website is served with a strict Content Security Policy, and as a
consequence, inline scripts and styles are ignored by compliant browsers.
Normally according to the specification, SVG included via <img> should not apply
the policy (, but at least
Firefox does not follow the spec properly right now and all SVG with inlined CSS
end up dark.
Here is the current process to add SVG images with Inkscape and keep the
1. keep the original as `some-file-name.src.svg`;
2. from Inkscape, export it as "Optimized SVG" as `some-file-name.svg`; make
sure that "Convert CSS attributes to XML attributes" option is checked;
3. edit `some-file-name.svg` with a text editor and run a search and replace to
clean the remaining style attributes: %s/style="[^"]*"//g
4. use only the optimized SVG in the website.
Further edits on the images should happen on the source file only, which should
then be re-exported with the above process.
Note: for complicated SVG images, it is possible that some features can only
work with CSS rules though this won't be the likely case for most simple images.
For such cases, there is no perfect solution at the time of writing (except
moving the CSS of every SVG images out as an external file, or setting our web
server to serve SVG images with `style-src 'unsafe-inline'`).
### Writing a News post
To write a News post, simply include your new post in the `news/` directory.
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