Commit 99646a65 authored by Pat David's avatar Pat David

Add contribute.json to STATIC_PATHS

parent 3179884c
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ DEFAULT_PAGINATION = False
READERS = {'html': None}
# This will copy over these folders w/o modification
STATIC_PATHS = ['images', 'js', 'pages', 'tutorials', 'about', 'books', 'develop', 'docs', 'donating', 'downloads', 'features', 'bugs', 'links', 'man', 'release-notes', 'screenshots', 'source', 'unix', 'robots.txt', 'COPYING', 'GNUGPLv2', 'GNUGPLv3', 'news']
STATIC_PATHS = ['images', 'js', 'pages', 'tutorials', 'about', 'books', 'develop', 'docs', 'donating', 'downloads', 'features', 'bugs', 'links', 'man', 'release-notes', 'screenshots', 'source', 'unix', 'robots.txt', 'COPYING', 'GNUGPLv2', 'GNUGPLv3', 'news', 'contribute.json']
# This sets which directories will be parsed as pages (vs. news/articles)
# If a new directory is to be added under content/, make sure it gets added hereMarkdown.
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