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......@@ -184,6 +184,18 @@ from OBJ files for texturing. And we are still missing a developer with a game
design bug to work on the DDS plug-in that currently lives in a
[dedicated git branch](
## Donations
In August 2018, we received a $100K donation from via GNOME
Foundation. So far, we are using this money for long overdue hardware upgrades.
Our core developers, [Øyvind Kolås]( and
[Jehan Pagès](, continue running their
personal crowdfunding via Patreon, although in case of Jehan the money is
actually split two-ways, because his campaign is targeted at funding
a short anomation movie made with GIMP (development assists that project,
like in Blender Institute's open movies).
## Team acknowledgment
While we often mention GIMP, GEGL, and babl separately, all work on GEGL and
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