Commit 794b221e authored by Martin Nordholts's avatar Martin Nordholts

Remove 2.6 screenshots from 2.8 release notes

Now that we have one 2.8 screenshot, there's no point in having 2.6
parent fc8e759b
......@@ -449,32 +449,12 @@ If you need to get work done, please use the stable version, GIMP 2.6.
<a href=""></a>
<h2>GIMP 2.7 Screenshots (Todo, these are from 2.6)</h2>
<h2>GIMP 2.7 Screenshots</h2>
<div class="plain-screenshots">
<a href="../screenshots/1280x800-fresh-start.jpg">
<img src="../screenshots/1280x800-fresh-start-thumb.jpg" alt="First GIMP 2.8 startup" />
<p>First startup of GIMP&nbsp;2.8 on a 1280x800 desktop.</p>
<a href="../screenshots/alternative-2-6-ui-layout-example-one.jpg">
<img src="../screenshots/alternative-2-6-ui-layout-example-one-thumb.jpg" alt="Alternative UI example" />
<p>UI layout example: Tool Options moved out of the toolbox.</p>
<a href="../screenshots/alternative-2-6-ui-layout-example-two.jpg">
<img src="../screenshots/alternative-2-6-ui-layout-example-two-thumb.jpg" alt="Another alternative UI example" />
<p>UI layout example: Using the image window as a background window.</p>
<a href="../screenshots/2.6-brush-dynamics-example.jpg">
<img src="../screenshots/2.6-brush-dynamics-example-thumb.jpg" alt="Brush Dynamics at use" />
<p>Demonstrating the kind of effects the new Brush Dynamics can create.</p>
<a href="../screenshots/on-canvas-preview-of-gaussian-blur-in-2-6.jpg">
<img src="../screenshots/on-canvas-preview-of-gaussian-blur-in-2-6-thumb.jpg" alt="On-canvas Gaussian Blur" />
<p>Full screenshot of on-canvas preview of Gaussian Blur using the experimental GEGL Operation tool.</p>
<h2>Known Regressions</h2>
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