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2.10.10: More GEGL news

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# Around GIMP
## GEGL and babl
This release of GIMP is accompanied by a hefty GEGL 0.4.14 release, featuring
a handful of under-the-hood improvements, as well as new user-facing additions.
GEGL, the graphics engine of GIMP, has now full CMYK support, thanks to
the awesome work of Øyvind Kolås. This support is not reflected yet in
GIMP, but this should come at some point.
Most excitingly, the standalone `gegl` tool, which can be used to apply GEGL
pipelines directly from the command-line, has seen a
[massive rework]( of its integrated GUI
by Øyvind Kolås.
The new UI doubles as an image viewer and a graph editor, allowing real-time
non-destructive image manipulation.
<img src="{attach}gegl-editor-1.jpg" alt="GEGL editor (1)"/>
<em>The `gegl` binary features a reworked graphical editor</em>
As well as acting as a non-destructive editor proof-of-concept, sporting such
snazzy features as touch-oriented interaction and Lua-based per-operation UI, it
also provides a testbed for new and existing GEGL features, such as mipmap
<img src="{attach}gegl-editor-2.jpg" alt="GEGL editor (2)"/>
<em>The editor can be extended using Lua, allowing for per-operation UI</em>
Øyvind Kolås has also
[been working]( on more
deeply-ingrained CMYK support in both babl, which saw its 0.1.62 release
earlier this year, and GEGL.
This includes support for CMYK ICC profiles in babl (at this point, through LCMS2),
direct CMYK support as part of relevant GEGL functions and core operations,
and support for reading/writing CMYK data in TIFF and JPEG files.
While not done yet, this work goes towards adding first-class CMYK support to
Behind the scenes, this release saw various bug fixes and performance
improvements, including a refactoring of the parallelization framework, swap
tile-compression, and the removal of the deprecated iterator API, as well as
interesting new operations in the workshop, and improvements to existing
See the [GEGL relase notes](
for more information.
*Note for packagers: to build GEGL 0.4.14 on Win32, 2 commits will need
cherry-picking: commits
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