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Mention changes in babl

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......@@ -81,6 +81,8 @@ GEGL and babl got their fair share of development focus. We only added a handful
One interesting change, though, is the new ''gegl_operation_progress'' function to report processing progress. It's useful for reporting processing progress to a GEGL-based editor such as GIMP. For now, we use it in ''cartoon'' and ''distance-transform'' operations, but expect to use it in many more ops.
For babl, most changes were about improving performance (creating fast pixel data conversion paths and caching them) and fixing bugs.
## What's Next for GIMP
There are still many bugs to fix before we can release 2.10. In the mean time, we are planning to hold a week long developers meet-up in Barcelona at end of January. One of the topics will be cleaning up libgimp to get it into the releasable state for 2.10. We shall soon announce the full agenda for the Wilberweek.
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