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Title: GIMP 2.10.10 Released
Date: 2019-03-20
Category: News
Authors: Wilber
Slug: gimp-2-10-10-released
Summary: GIMP 2.10.10 released: good news everyone!
No updates for a few months, but the reward is there: a lot of nice new
features in this release!
# Notable improvements
## Improved tools
### Bucket Fill tool
The Bucket Fill tool got a bit of revamping making it much easier to
use, and it also got a new "Fill by line art detection" mode (a.k.a.
"Smart Colorization")!
#### Quick Color picking
Similarly to painting tools, it is now possible to pick surrounding
colors on canvas with the Ctrl modifier, without having to switch to
Color Picker tool.
#### Click and drag to fill
In "Fill similar colors" and "Fill by line art detection" modes, you can
now keep the mouse button down to continue filling more areas.
#### Fill by line art detection
Finally the highlight change on the Bucket Fill tool is a new algorithm
for painters, allowing to fill areas surrounded by "line arts", while
trying to leave no unfilled pixels near the lines, and closing potential
This feature, originated from the [G'MIC]( plug-in as a
research paper, was contributed by Jehan as a work of the
[IMAGE]( team of the
laboratory (French Research Lab, affiliated to the
[CNRS](, the [University
of Caen](, and the engineering school
[ENSICAEN](, with important interface input
from Aryeom from [ZeMarmot]( project.
See also this [technical blog
### Transformation tools
Ell improved various shortcomings on several transformation tools:
* The Scale tool now scale around the center, even when using numeric
* The Unified Transform tool defaults to preserving aspect ratio
when scaling up or down.
* New "Constrain handles" and "Around center" options to the
perspective-transform tool's GUI, which are similar to the
corresponding options of the unified-transform tool.
### Healing tool
Michael Natterer improved the Healing tool, allowing "Sample merged" to
also work for the target pixels, allowing to draw in empty layers.
## Better brushes
### 32-bit parametric brushes
Michael Natterer and Ell worked a lot on better brush support in GIMP.
A big improvement for painters is to make parametric brushes finally
32-bit float, following the high-bit depth move for color processing.
The main advantage will be to avoid posterization on large brushes,
especially with darker colors.
It is to be noted that raster brushes are still 8-bit. Promoting them to
32-bit float is also a planned future work.
Moreover plug-ins only have access to 8-bit versions of high-precision
brushes and patterns. New API will be required to handle high-precision
### Easy brush and pattern creation from clipboard
It was already possible to create new brushes and patterns on-the-fly
from the clipboard (i.e. image copied, typically with a `Ctrl-c`
shortcut). This was extremely practical, yet only allowed temporary
brushes and patterns.
These temporary brushes and patterns can now be duplicated as any brush,
therefore allowing to promote them to stored data for further reuse.
Though simple looking, this change is the result of an important code
migration into the core of GIMP (instead of being plug-in code),
performed by Michael Natterer, which may have further happy consequences
in a near future!
### Open as Image
The "Brushes" dockable now provides an "Open brush as image" button to
quickly open a brush file, hence allowing easier brush edits.
## On-canvas layer selection
Anyone working with a lot of layers has experienced sometimes the
frustration of not finding a layer in the list, even though you see its
pixels in front of your eyes.
Jehan implemented a new generic canvas modifier `Alt + middle click`
allowing to pick layers by clicking on pixels. The available layers will
be looped through (starting from the upper one) while Alt key is hold
and the picked layer name will be temporarily displayed in the status
bar. The interaction choices also heavily benefited from inputs of
Aryeom, from *ZeMarmot* project.
## Faster and safer GIMP
As usual, many bugs were fixed and a lot of optimizations were made to
existing part of the code, among them these 2 improvements are
particularly noteworthy:
### Saving and exporting safer
Various parts of code where file-writing occured were made more
robust by not overwriting the file when an error occured. In particular
XCF saving and exporting to various image formats should be safer now.
### Layer groups rendered faster
Layer groups are now rendered in bigger chunks rather than tile-by-tile
(which used to pretty much eliminate multithreading for groups), which
improves the rendering speed.
## Plug-ins
### DDS support
The third-party DDS plug-in, originally developed by Shawn Kirst and
Arne Reuter is now part of the GIMP core plug-ins. DDS can now be loaded
or exported out of the box.
It is to be noted though that we are still looking for an active
maintainer for this plug-in if you want to see it getting better since
we only fixed the minimum to get it up-to-date. If you are interested, [we welcome
### Rewritten Spyrogimp plug-in
Elad Shahar, original author of the Spyrogimp plug-in rewrote it from
scratch completely, with more optionsand automatic preview (by drawing
directly on a temporary layer, not as a GEGL preview).
The old plug-in is still available, in particular as its API may be used
by existing scripts, yet is not available in menus anymore as it is
replaced by the new version.
## Filters
Circular, linear, and zoom motion blurs got new on-canvas interactions
(simple lines) allowing easier visual tweaking of the blur settings.
# Around GIMP
## GEGL and babl
# What's next
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