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Add some stats on development.

As suggested by nmat on IRC, it is a nice idea to show the work done
behind a release, which is more than just the few chosen points featured
on the news. Well these raw numbers still don't give the whole picture
and all the awesome people behind, but it's a start.
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......@@ -183,6 +183,18 @@ Layer groups are now rendered in bigger chunks rather than tile-by-tile
(this used to pretty much eliminate multithreading for groups), which
improves the rendering speed.
### And more!
In total, since GIMP 2.10.8, 775 commits were contributed (average of 5
commits a day) to the GIMP 2.10 branch (and more to other development
branches). This means a lot of bugs were fixed (41 bug reports were
closed during this development span), performance were improved,
and your work is made safer…
Moreover 21 translations were updated. So we also want to thank all the
awesome translators who allow [GIMP to be available in so many
languages]( around the world.
## Plug-ins
### DDS support
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