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Added a book in Spanish by Alberto García Briz

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<h2>Blanco y Negro con The GIMP</h2>
<img class="icon" src="blanco_y_negro_con_gimp.jpg"
alt="Blanco y Negro con The GIMP"
<strong>Authors:</strong> Alberto García Briz<br/>
<strong>Format:</strong> Paperback, 232pp.<br/>
<strong>ISBN-10:</strong> 1-47835-391-0<br/>
<strong>ISBN-13:</strong> 978-1-47835-391-1<br/>
<strong>Publisher/Date:</strong> CreateSpace/2012<br/>
<strong>Website:</strong> <a href=""></a><br/>
<strong>Description:</strong> This book (only available in Spanish) describes how to use free software GIMP for the conversion of digital pictures to black and white photography. Main methods are discussed and applied in multiple step-by-step examples.
<h2>GIMP for Absolute Beginners</h2>
<img class="icon" src="gimp-for-absolute-beginners-2012.jpg"
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