1. 20 Nov, 2021 2 commits
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      content: removing mention to GIMP newsgroup. · a78f0edc
      Jehan authored
      As far as we know, none of current devs or major GIMP community members
      use such newsgroup anymore. Does it still even exist? We have no idea
      After discussion with Liam on IRC, we agreed that in such condition,
      even if it did still exist, it makes no sense to mention it (and have
      possibly people go there and finding no valuable contact). So let's get
      rid of this outdated mention.
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      content: update webmasters page. · f20ac18d
      Jehan authored
      - The 'Download mirrors' section is very outdated. I replaced most of
        the text with just 2 sentences to redirect to gimp-web tracker and the
        mirror request procedure news.
      - The 'Last resort' section is just completely redundant as we already
        give mailing list info in the first section (so it's not a "last"
        resort at all).
  2. 12 Nov, 2021 1 commit
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      content: fix irc.html and mail_lists.html links. · 6311d6ce
      Jehan authored
      Replaced with discuss.html in various long-term contents pages.
      I didn't fix in a few places on purpose:
      - Old news articles because past is past and the old links will still
        work anyway (a redirection was set up in oscp branch), because good
        URLs don't change. So it's all good.
      - Old userfaq for same reason. Outdated and all.
      - file-list.md and wtf-pelican.md because these seem to be about the
        move to Pelican years ago, like a historical log of what was done. It
        makes no sense to touch these.
  3. 10 Nov, 2021 2 commits
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      content, themes: merging irc and mailing lists pages into a single… · aed24781
      Jehan authored
      … "Discuss" page.
      Create new page "discuss.html", aggregating contents of the former (now
      deleted with this commit) irc.html and mail_lists.html:
      * IRC, Mailing lists and Discord are put on the same level (3
        different sections in a same page).
      * Common discussion channels introduction with info of only listing
        official spaces (yet encouraging third-party discussion spaces), a
        single code of conduct, a security warning about these being public
        and often archived and a table of conduct for easy jumping.
      * Much redundant text is removed, as applying to all communication
        media anyway.
      * Using markdown rather than html-in-markdown in various places.
      * Shortened descriptions of IRC channels and mailing lists while
        keeping the core ideas (straighter to the point).
      * Removing "nabble" from mailing list archives (seems to not exist
      * Some rewording of code of conduct, merging of similar rules in the
        IRC and mailing list pages…
      * Some rules were removed (please everyone, double-check): e.g. the
        "jester license" rule (nobody is against humor — we love to laugh
        too! —, as long as you stay respectful; there are no special rights);
        or the "special privileges" for GIMP developers who'd have rights to
        abuse them (same: we expect everyone to be nice to others, developers
        or not).
      * The "Don't make fun of other people's language" is part of being
        respectful. I just had a mention of it in the "Write in English" rule
        to tell people they should not be afraid of being mocked for their
        English (they won't be!).
      * Also removed mentions like expecting "RTFM" or "use Google". People
        are still expected to search beforehand and not to needlessly bother
        others, but if this happens, we'd tell it nicely, in a formative way.
      * Updated the "Don't expect to be greeted" with a bit of background.
        It's still nice to say hello (I often say hello/goodbye in IRC too),
        but just not give any meaning to having no answers (sometimes you do,
        sometimes not). Oppositely speaking directly is not considered rude on
        these channels. Both are possible, let's just not imagine negative
      * Add sublists for rules specific to mailing lists and to real-time
      * Removed the mention "The code may change in the future, followed by
        a notification to subscribers" as I have no idea what it even means
        in the end of the code of conduct.
      * Better source list with an internal anchor ID to link it from the
        appropriate "Do basic research" rule.
      * Updating website footer.
  4. 01 Oct, 2021 1 commit
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      Update various files to be about Python 3 only. · da092f73
      Jehan authored
      Now that the migration to Python 3 is finished, we should not talk about
      Python 2, which is not supported anymore.
      - get rid of outdated py2-requirements.txt file.
      - README: remove "PYTHON 3 MIGRATION" outdated section (it's now done)
        and update various other info.
      - content/about/meta/index.md: update various info to Python 3 instead
        of v2.
  5. 24 Sep, 2021 2 commits
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      content: improve the "Selling GIMP" page. · 8e9fb822
      Jehan authored
      - Add a "Can it sometimes be illegal?" section.
        * Though the page talks about the license again and again, I think it
          is worth stating explicitly that not following the GPL terms would
          make the sell illegal. In particular, the vendor must provide the
          source and also show the copyright notice (i.e. the license)
        * The logo also has a license (CC by-sa 3.0) and an author (Jakub
          Steiner) so the many vendors reusing this file should also respect
          this license.
        * We clearly encountered cases where the distribution was illegal
          regardless of the license. For instance, free software does not
          allow you to pretend being the developers. And when you do dangerous
          things with the code, make data and privacy unsafe or let people run
          any scripts on remote servers, this is a problem. [people in the
          team will know which third-party packages I am talking about!]
      - Fix a bit the "I bought GIMP without knowing that it was Free
        Software" section. It was clearly mixing Free Software (in the
        title-question) and free-of-charge (in the text-answer). I modified it
        so that it talks about both subjects.
      - Update "Where can I buy a copy of GIMP?" section: we don't list
        anymore any links to third-party packages being sold. So remove the
        part saying this. Add a link to our download page as being the place
        to look at, with a mention of other platforms without packages (*BSD
        or whatnot for instance, which have their own repositories or alike).
        And finally add a link to the donation page (you don't have to buy,
        but you can donate!).
      - Update the "Be honest" part of the recommendations to vendors with a
        sentence proposing people to tell explicitly they are not the
        developers and linking us. It indeed looks like the most daring part
        of bad faith vendors is when they make it seem like they are somehow
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      Change macOS name from OS X · 3fb6e9ae
      Goutham Krishna authored and Jehan's avatar Jehan committed
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      Update IRC page and remove community-managed channels. · c969da05
      Jehan authored
      After the weird Freenode drama lately and the fact that the whole server
      just got wiped out apparently (I have not personally checked, and won't,
      but there are news everywhere of this), let's just get rid of the
      listing of known channels on Freenode.
      We had been discussing this topic for a few weeks anyway, and even more
      for the more general question of what we should list on this page, since
      even before, the Freenode channels never were official in any way (yet
      some known team members were also ops on some of these apparently). I
      guess the wipe simplifies the discussion as there is nothing to list
      anymore. Now the discussion we will have to have (and already started
      some time ago) will be to decide whether we should ever list there any
      more non-GIMPnet discussion channels in the future.
  9. 22 May, 2021 1 commit
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      Our IRC channels have existed for more than 20 years! · f17adcdb
      Jehan authored
      As discussed on IRC yesterday (yes, it's meta!), the text which says
      it has existed for more than 10 years is itself probably 10 years old.
      So let's update.
      We still have not decided what we do about the non-GIMPnet channel list
      as these were never really considered as official channels anyway (I
      mean, we always had our own network, why would they be?). Yet some of
      the core GIMP team members have been on some of these channels and had
      some op powers. Still to be discussed what we do with this other channel
  10. 18 May, 2021 1 commit
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      content: update team page a bit. · e49a2de4
      Jehan authored
      Add Jacob Boerema and Niels De Graef. Remove the former maintainer (who
      hasn't contributed for nearly 10 years, I haven't even spoken once to
      him!). Basically my choice was based on at least adding the developers
      who contributed more than a hundred commits in the last few years (with
      `git shortlog -sn --since=2019-01-01`) and keeping the ones who are
      still around even when they may have not contributed much code these
      last few years (but staying around is important too).
      Also adding Aryeom to the web team, as her designs and comics strip are
      all over the pages.
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      Fix python package versions for Python 2 · 6fcfdcff
      Pat David authored
      Create a py2-requirements.txt file that has working versions of
      the requirements for easy install:
      `pip install -r p2-requirements.txt`
      Add extra veresion verbiage to about/meta/
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