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      content: removing mention to GIMP newsgroup. · a78f0edc
      Jehan authored
      As far as we know, none of current devs or major GIMP community members
      use such newsgroup anymore. Does it still even exist? We have no idea
      After discussion with Liam on IRC, we agreed that in such condition,
      even if it did still exist, it makes no sense to mention it (and have
      possibly people go there and finding no valuable contact). So let's get
      rid of this outdated mention.
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      content: update webmasters page. · f20ac18d
      Jehan authored
      - The 'Download mirrors' section is very outdated. I replaced most of
        the text with just 2 sentences to redirect to gimp-web tracker and the
        mirror request procedure news.
      - The 'Last resort' section is just completely redundant as we already
        give mailing list info in the first section (so it's not a "last"
        resort at all).
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      content: add a link back from "thank you" to "downloads" page. · 71df72bd
      Jehan authored
      We know that people can just hit the Back button, but such an explicit
      text that the download was supposed to start is kind of common. And it's
      nicer to tell people that the download was definitely expected to have
      started. If it didn't, something is wrong.
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      content: fix irc.html and mail_lists.html links. · 6311d6ce
      Jehan authored
      Replaced with discuss.html in various long-term contents pages.
      I didn't fix in a few places on purpose:
      - Old news articles because past is past and the old links will still
        work anyway (a redirection was set up in oscp branch), because good
        URLs don't change. So it's all good.
      - Old userfaq for same reason. Outdated and all.
      - file-list.md and wtf-pelican.md because these seem to be about the
        move to Pelican years ago, like a historical log of what was done. It
        makes no sense to touch these.
  9. 10 Nov, 2021 4 commits
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      content: add a section on how to contribute to tutorials. · 85ce3d47
      Jehan authored
      Adding this info there could help increase awareness on the possibility
      of contributing fixes, changes and new tutorials oneselves.
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      content: update gitlab URLs for mirrors. · 801a2d39
      Jehan authored
      I didn't complete some of the recently updated mirrors (following our
      new mirror rules). Also adding the link for Lysator even though the
      process is still in-progress (though the mirror was already in the
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      content, themes: merging irc and mailing lists pages into a single… · aed24781
      Jehan authored
      … "Discuss" page.
      Create new page "discuss.html", aggregating contents of the former (now
      deleted with this commit) irc.html and mail_lists.html:
      * IRC, Mailing lists and Discord are put on the same level (3
        different sections in a same page).
      * Common discussion channels introduction with info of only listing
        official spaces (yet encouraging third-party discussion spaces), a
        single code of conduct, a security warning about these being public
        and often archived and a table of conduct for easy jumping.
      * Much redundant text is removed, as applying to all communication
        media anyway.
      * Using markdown rather than html-in-markdown in various places.
      * Shortened descriptions of IRC channels and mailing lists while
        keeping the core ideas (straighter to the point).
      * Removing "nabble" from mailing list archives (seems to not exist
      * Some rewording of code of conduct, merging of similar rules in the
        IRC and mailing list pages…
      * Some rules were removed (please everyone, double-check): e.g. the
        "jester license" rule (nobody is against humor — we love to laugh
        too! —, as long as you stay respectful; there are no special rights);
        or the "special privileges" for GIMP developers who'd have rights to
        abuse them (same: we expect everyone to be nice to others, developers
        or not).
      * The "Don't make fun of other people's language" is part of being
        respectful. I just had a mention of it in the "Write in English" rule
        to tell people they should not be afraid of being mocked for their
        English (they won't be!).
      * Also removed mentions like expecting "RTFM" or "use Google". People
        are still expected to search beforehand and not to needlessly bother
        others, but if this happens, we'd tell it nicely, in a formative way.
      * Updated the "Don't expect to be greeted" with a bit of background.
        It's still nice to say hello (I often say hello/goodbye in IRC too),
        but just not give any meaning to having no answers (sometimes you do,
        sometimes not). Oppositely speaking directly is not considered rude on
        these channels. Both are possible, let's just not imagine negative
      * Add sublists for rules specific to mailing lists and to real-time
      * Removed the mention "The code may change in the future, followed by
        a notification to subscribers" as I have no idea what it even means
        in the end of the code of conduct.
      * Better source list with an internal anchor ID to link it from the
        appropriate "Do basic research" rule.
      * Updating website footer.
  10. 03 Nov, 2021 2 commits
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      content: improve a bit the thank you page. · ff9fc303
      Jehan authored
      - Centering buttons.
      - HTML indent fixing.
      - Remove "Donate" title. It's better to just have it directly on top.
      - Move tutorials down in a section about learning GIMP.
      - Small text rewording here and there.
      - Add some emoticones for a bit more life!
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      content, themes: redirect to "thank you" page after downloading starts. · 2bb6c549
      Jehan authored
      This is using javascript, but so that we don't touch the actual static
      HTML page, i.e. that if javascript is disabled, it will just still work
      normally (we just won't have thank-you redirect).
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      Fix a typo · c1ecb8d2
      Alexandre Prokoudine authored
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      content: adding a screenshot of GIMP 2.99.8 running on macOS. · 6717c252
      Jehan authored
      It might sound silly, but this was such a long awaited thing that it's a
      big event!
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      content: update GIMP 2.99.8 news. · 693447f7
      Jehan authored
      - Adding a caption to the video.
      - There is no "newer" after Big Sur, though it should happen very soon
        apparently. I assume our fix will work on later macOS versions, yet we
        haven't had any feedback about it (even though beta versions are out).
        Better not make statements about it.
      - Some minor formatting or wording changes.
      - Adding Andre Klapper in the build contributors. My stats scripts were
        actually listing him in the "translators" list because he touched a
        few .po files to fix broken markup. I had removed him because I don't
        think it counts as "translation", but thought his contributions had to
        count as something. Build contributions is what looks the closest.
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      content: some news updates/fixes. · b49ba364
      Jehan authored
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