1. 19 Sep, 2021 21 commits
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      themes: less messy (hopefully) download page. · c546ce65
      Jehan authored
      Instead of having various informations here and there around the
      download buttons, add a "Warnings and information" subsection just below
      download buttons and gather info there.
      Move the development version note in the new "Warnings and information"
      subsection (instead of the top of the page) because it should not be the
      most predominant info of the stable download page. Still add some fun
      emoticones to make this info stand out a bit more in the list.
      Also for Windows and macOS, show it depending on
      of the generic GIMP_VERSION_DEVELOPMENT. This way, we don't show this
      page for macOS in particular right now (since we don't have any macOS
      dev build yet!) hence don't give too high expectations.
      Tweak a bit more the "Source" section (and add a "User Manual"
      subsection there for a bit more separation, making things clearer).
      These various changes make the page a bit less messy, though I believe
      it still has too much information. Among the things to improve, all the
      part about the manual can probably be moved to its own workspace. This
      is in particular true for the list of Windows installers for the user
      manual. Maybe this will happen when we will have finally renewed the
      gimp-help publication process (work in progress).
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      themes: move the checksum hash of tarballs into a <details> tag. · e416485c
      Jehan authored
      This makes the huge list a collapsible/expander widget, hence cleaning a
      bit the download page which still has too much of everything. Tarball
      hashes are important so we should not get rid of this information, but
      it feels better organized and less messy this way.
      Also reword a bit with less redundant text the Source section.
      Note: I am not very happy of my CSS styling, but I will let future
      contributors better at styling improving it.
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      content: add a "Contributors" section to the mirror news. · 22ad74d5
      Jehan authored
      Since we decided that news should help with crowdfunding and to move our
      dev reports there (instead of crowdfunding platforms), let's give more
      visibility of the relevant funding there.
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      content, tools: update mirror lists with last scripts. · 40217e2f
      Jehan authored
      - FAU univ now has 2 mirrors.
      - University of Kent should be listed too. It was already in the "video"
        list only for quite some time, not sure why not in the "mirrors" list.
      - downloads.http.txt is now sorted differently (makes it easier to
        remove identical mirrors when they are in both lists).
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      tools: update mirror verification scripts. · ff64a32b
      Jehan authored
      - update-mirrors.py now also looks up the "video" list of
        download.gimp.org.map. These are also mirrors and some of them are not
        in the "mirrors" list (though I'm not sure why). Yet they should be
        noted in our list for verification but also for acknowledgement in the
        sponsor page.
      - cmp-mirrors.py now better takes into account a mirror with several
        URL. We have the case with FAU university which is apparently noted
        twice, once in the "mirrors" list with ftp.fau.de domain and once in
        "video" list with ftp.rrze.uni-erlangen.de. Both domain redirect to
        the same server/contents as far as I can see.
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      content: update sponsor page and news. · 85ee3b01
      Jehan authored
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      content: new mirror policy news. · 11382141
      Jehan authored
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      content, tools: new mirror in Germany: dogado GmbH · c476dcf2
      Jehan authored
      See: Infrastructure#669
      Also fix Astra ISP whose URL changed in GNOME server settings.
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      tools: return error code for gimp-check-mirrors.py. · 935523dc
      Jehan authored
      This would allow for the script to be used in an automated workflow with
      other scripts. Positive errors are common standard errors (for instance
      if input file cannot be read).
      Negative errors are the number of mirror discrepancies (outdated mirror,
      or wrong checksum in particular).
      Also adding an exception handling for timeout (it was being recognized
      as a OSError, with a "none" string, which is not so useful).
      Finally only check the original file checksum in the --verify-checksum
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      tools: add --verify-checksum option to gimp-check-mirrors.py. · 4b0435b2
      Jehan authored
      As the option name implies, it will not only check availability, but
      also compute the checksum of each mirror file to compare it with the
      original. This way, we can randomly check for errors or worse malevolent
      changes of our mirrored data.
      As expected, it is not the fastest process, so it stays an option (maybe
      a good improvement could be to make the checks multi-threaded,
      downloading several files and computing several checksums in same time).
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      content, plugins, tools: some cleaning of mirrors2.json references. · a0ff729c
      Jehan authored
      - Change some remaining references to mirrors.json.
      - Remove an outdated gimp_mirrors.py.orig which might have been
        committed by mistake in early versions.
      - Remove now irrelevant comment.
      - Remove mirrors2.json file itself.
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      content: adding the new "Astra ISP" mirror in mirrors.json file. · 281d7057
      Jehan authored
      Also adding some location for some other mirrors where it was missing
      (after verification with both IP location and check on websites).
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      content, plugins: adding a way to ignore known geoip discrepancies. · 12b6115d
      Jehan authored
      After an email discussion with Klaus-Uwe Mitterer about the
      GeoIP-detected location being different from declared one, I was
      > We get this question a lot - the mirror is actually located in Graz,
      > Austria. GeoIP lookups return the weirdest of results, as we are
      > leasing the subnet we are using from someone else, who in turn seems
      > to be leasing it from someone else yet again. I tried getting the data
      > corrected in a few of those GeoIP databases, but that doesn't seem to
      > help for very long...
      So let's consider this one ok for now, by adding logics in the json file
      (and the parsing script) to handle geoIP detection differences with a
      reason. Also I was told that mirror.kumi.systems is now the prefered
      domain (and I can indeed see that mirror.klaus-uwe.me is an alias for
      this other domain). I asked the admin to do the request for this
      directly to the GNOME infrastructure tracker, because we use their
      configuration. Still I change the URL for the "about" (not the mirror
      URL) and the public name of the mirror to "Kumi Systems".
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      plugins: get back a per-country listing with location details next to… · c4ef01e4
      Jehan authored
      … each mirror sponsor.
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      plugins: testing a different rendering for the mirror sponsors. · 174b194c
      Jehan authored
      Instead of per-country, just a single list (alphabetical order), with
      the full location (not just country, but city or other info) between
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      content, plugins: improve the country verification for mirrors. · 512d1486
      Jehan authored
      - update GeoIP.dat as taken from the Debian package 'geoip-database':
        (version geoip-database_20191224-3_all.deb)
        In particular it fixes one wrong detection because we were using a
        very old version of IP database.
      - Remove GeoIP.dat.gz. Seems to come from old versions, we don't need
        this anymore.
      - Split the "location" field from mirrors.json into "country" which will
        contain the standard name of the country (i.e. it must be identical to
        the IP database naming) and "location" (containing additional
        information, such as city, or even more details depending on infos we
      - Our mirror list generation script won't break anymore on a mirror
        where resolution fails. We still print it with the country written in
        mirrors.json and output a warning.
      - When GeoIP localization and declared country are different, we now use
        the declared country and output a warning for verification.
      Basically we cannot trust 100% the IP database which might be wrong
      sometimes, but this is still a useful tool to verify declarations with
      this, for security (if a mismatch between declaration and reality
      happens, it may be an innocuous error or a server move which was simply
      not declared by mistake; but it may also be a security issue).
      We actually currently still have a mismatch (despite the DB update which
      did fix another mismatch but not this one): mirror.klaus-uwe.me is
      currently detected as being in Germany rather than in Austria. It might
      just be a DB mistake, but to be sure, I sent an email to the mirror
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      themes: remove download list from various download pages. · a76cdf38
      Jehan authored
      Also add links to the donating/sponsors page which lists the official
      mirror servers.
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      content: update the sponsors page. · 8d17f0f3
      Jehan authored
      Rename to "Sponsors" rather than "Donors" to be a bit more generic (we
      will list the official mirrors here as well).
      Improve a bit the introduction message.
      Move all existing names to a "Legacy sponsor list" clearly stating that
      we don't really know anymore what is what.
      Change the images (many of which were barely readable now, I guess GIMP
      website might have originally be on a darker background) into just
      names/titles of donors, and heading titles into definition list, which
      takes less place and is less ominous, especially for an outdated list
      which we don't even know anymore the meaning of.
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      themes: update the text introducing mirrors. · 597ec4c8
      Jehan authored
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      plugins: use mirrors.json and display pretty organization names. · 1fa1e122
      Jehan authored
      mirrors2.json is deprecated as mirrors.json is now the file with the
      manually curated names, and containing the exact list of mirrors used on
      GNOME webservers (i.e. validated by their process which resulting on
      giving out rsync credentials).
      I still leave mirrors2.json for now because I will do a last call before
      making the move so that mirrors currently listed have a chance to get
      their rsync credentials before we replace the list.
      Note that we still update the country through pygeoip.GeoIP instead of
      using the "location" field in the json file. I think actually we should
      do a comparison to make sure the officially announced country and the
      IP-detected countries are the same. But it will require straightening
      the list (sometimes it contains cities or other information).
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      content, tools: new mirrors.json meant to replace mirrors2.json. · ee16b089
      Jehan authored
      This file is manually-curated as it needs to contain humanly-displayed
      text, such as the names of the entities which sponsor mirrors, and
      possibly an info URL, as well as their official location.
      It will eventually replace mirrors2.json when we will have moved the
      mirror list to a dedicated page with nicer render.
      See also #236.
      This will allow to display much nicer "sponsor" page, with names of
      entities (university and others sponsoring mirrors) rather than a list
      of URLs.
      Also let's not list all possible URLs ever, but at least the official
      one (which will be https). In particular, we don't want to list unsafe
      protocol URL (http, ftp…) anymore.
      Nevertheless we will want to make sure this manually-curated list still
      match with the real mirrors configured in GNOME servers (i.e. from
      entities which made the process to get official rsync credentials).
      This is what the new script `cmp-mirrors.py` is for. Also
      `update-mirrors.py` has been improved to run this new script after
      updating the mirror list.
      Why I still made it as a separate script is that we might want to run
      `cmp-mirrors.py` as a git-hook too (at least user side, possibly even
      server side), in order to validate our mirrors.json and make sure it is
      updated as soon as needed.
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