1. 22 Jul, 2021 1 commit
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      tools: update downloads.http.txt. · 91436e10
      Jehan authored
      Several servers currently listed are not actually part of the rotation
      happening on download.gimp.org (automatic redirection to mirrors). So
      there is no need to check they are up-to-date in our release process.
      Of course, it would be nice to contact them and propose them to actually
      be a part of the rotation settings, i.e. ask rsync credentials to GNOME.
      This edit was made by the new script update-mirrors.py which syncs our
      local list with the actual download server settings.
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      tools: add a new "update-mirrors.py" tool. · 6f598481
      Jehan authored
      This new tool looks up the actual mirror list on download.gimp.org,
      a.k.a. master.gnome.org and update our local list, which will be used by
      As a consequence it can only be used by contributors with SSH access to
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      Update IRC page and remove community-managed channels. · c969da05
      Jehan authored
      After the weird Freenode drama lately and the fact that the whole server
      just got wiped out apparently (I have not personally checked, and won't,
      but there are news everywhere of this), let's just get rid of the
      listing of known channels on Freenode.
      We had been discussing this topic for a few weeks anyway, and even more
      for the more general question of what we should list on this page, since
      even before, the Freenode channels never were official in any way (yet
      some known team members were also ops on some of these apparently). I
      guess the wipe simplifies the discussion as there is nothing to list
      anymore. Now the discussion we will have to have (and already started
      some time ago) will be to decide whether we should ever list there any
      more non-GIMPnet discussion channels in the future.
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      Our IRC channels have existed for more than 20 years! · f17adcdb
      Jehan authored
      As discussed on IRC yesterday (yes, it's meta!), the text which says
      it has existed for more than 10 years is itself probably 10 years old.
      So let's update.
      We still have not decided what we do about the non-GIMPnet channel list
      as these were never really considered as official channels anyway (I
      mean, we always had our own network, why would they be?). Yet some of
      the core GIMP team members have been on some of these channels and had
      some op powers. Still to be discussed what we do with this other channel
  14. 18 May, 2021 4 commits
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      content: update team page a bit. · e49a2de4
      Jehan authored
      Add Jacob Boerema and Niels De Graef. Remove the former maintainer (who
      hasn't contributed for nearly 10 years, I haven't even spoken once to
      him!). Basically my choice was based on at least adding the developers
      who contributed more than a hundred commits in the last few years (with
      `git shortlog -sn --since=2019-01-01`) and keeping the ones who are
      still around even when they may have not contributed much code these
      last few years (but staying around is important too).
      Also adding Aryeom to the web team, as her designs and comics strip are
      all over the pages.
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      plug-ins: fix mirror listing per-country on the Python 3 port. · 94583d73
      Jehan authored
      It was mostly just encoding mixup. In Python 3, the string type is
      basically unicode string. That's it. :-)
      I think this was the only remnant blocking our port of the website to
      Python 3! \o/
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      Merge branch 'testing' into migrate/testing · a2affcec
      Jehan authored
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