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Add bs4 and pygeoip to list of env components

Beautifulsoup4 and pygeoip are required to build
the gimp-mirrors plugin for the site, so I added
them to the 'extra components' for install called
out on /about/meta/.
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......@@ -113,6 +113,10 @@ Simplest method is simply: `pip install pelican`
`pip install Markdown`
* For fancy typography elements with [typogrify]:
`pip install typogrify`
* For some html scraping for the mirrors list [Beautifulsoup4]:
`pip install bs4`
* For ip geolocating (for the gimp-mirrors plugin), pygeoip:
`pip install pygeoip`
For detailed information refer to the [Pelican documentation](
......@@ -172,3 +176,4 @@ This is not superfluous, it's a test of local image linking from this directory.
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