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......@@ -117,3 +117,28 @@ You can use `format-patch` to generate one nice big patch for all of your work a
Now attach that to a bug/enhancement report in [bugzilla][report] and wait to hear back!
## Applying Patches
This section is for those that have access on gimp-web, or those that want to test a patch from someone else locally.
Once we have a `.patch` file, we can see what it'll do:
`git apply --stat some_cool_stuff.patch`
If you want to see what the patch will actually do, open it in your favorite editor and look around.
To see if there will be any problems, we can test the patch before applying it:
`git apply --check some_cool_stuff.patch`
No errors == good.
Otherwise we'll need to deal with the errors (more on this later?).
When applying the patch it's helpful to use `git am` instead of `git apply`.
The reason is that `git am` is *signing off* on the patch, and will carry that information forward.
This is helpful if there's a different author but we need to track down who actually committed the patch.
`git am --signoff < some_cool_stuff.patch`
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