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Fix python package versions for Python 2

Create a py2-requirements.txt file that has working versions of
the requirements for easy install:

`pip install -r p2-requirements.txt`

Add extra veresion verbiage to about/meta/

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......@@ -37,8 +37,11 @@ This is the same procedure anyone can use to test new content they would like to
The version of Pelican the server uses is `3.6.2`.
Use this version for now to stay in sync with pentagon (the server).
3. Install some extra components:
You cane use the `py2-requirements.txt` file to install all the requirements at once:
`pip install -r py2-requirements.txt`.
* For [Markdown] support:
`pip install Markdown`
For Python 2, use `pip install Markdown==2.6.6`
* For fancy typography elements with [typogrify]:
`pip install typogrify`
* For some html scraping for the mirrors list [Beautifulsoup4]:
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