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Remove HTTP proxy server mentions from README.

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......@@ -5,21 +5,12 @@ SweetTooth-Web
**SweetTooth-Web** is a Django-powered web application that, in co-operation
with some co-horts in GNOME Shell and other places, allows users to install,
upgrade and enable/disable their own Shell Extensions. All operations with
the Shell are done through special DBus proxies that have been developed
for SweetTooth: these include an NPAPI plugin and a local HTTP server.
the Shell are done through a special NPAPI plugin, sweettooth-plugin_, which
proxies over to the Shell by DBus.
Since extensions can be dangerous, all extensions uploaded to the repository
must go through code review and testing.
The DBus proxies are being developed in several forms. The initial prototype
was developed as a Python-based HTTP server. See `Bug #653212`_ for more details.
The NPAPI-based plugin, `sweettooth-plugin`_, is another alternative.
.. _Bug #653212:
.. _sweettooth-plugin:
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