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......@@ -39,8 +39,40 @@ Python Requirements:
.. _Pygments:
Getting Started
Running with Docker
Make sure you have both `Docker`_ and `Docker Compose`_ installed as well as runnning `Docker`_ instance.
You can start website with commands:
$ git clone
$ cd extensions-web/openshift/docker
$ MYSQL_USER=extensions-web \
EGO_DATABASE_URL=mysql://extensions-web:SOME_PASSWORD@db/extensions-web \
EGO_NODE_ADDRESS=extensions-web \
EGO_XAPIAN_DB=/extensions-web/data/xapian.db \
docker-compose up --build
That's all! Website will be available as http://localhost:8080.
Don't forget to substitute "SOME_PASSWORD" and "SOME_SECRET_KEY" with proper values.
You also may want to create superuser account - look to virtualenv guide below for
apropriate command and `Docker`_ documentation for a way running command within running
`Docker`_ container.
.. _Docker:
.. _Docker Compose:
Running with virtualenv
You can get started developing the website with::
$ git clone
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